Friday, September 3, 2010

snapshots. updates.

and today was the last day of Term 3 in ASAA!
will miss working in ASAA so so much.. >.< 
took pics with my bao bei, Kelvin. 
almost two years working in ASAA...he's still my precious one. 
calls me his "first mommy" wah. =.= 
and i asked him what about his real mom?!??!
he said "oh..that is my 'zero' mommy."
cool. lol. 
hope he will grow up to be a good, handsome, and successful boy. 
even though he most probably wont remember me! =(
i will miss him ohhhh... 

preparations being made to go.
but some complications came up today. ARGHHH!! 
hope it all goes through... 
started to pack dy. heeee.. excited.

rach is back in KK! awesome.... cant wait to spend time with her for the last time before i go...
and a shoutout to Kuan who is gonna be celebrating his birthday in China tomorrow! haha... 
Happy Birthday, Kuan! XP

7 more days....till i see you again!...muktuk.

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