Friday, July 31, 2009

grrr... boredom! their sickness. loneliness.

goodness me..
what a day!

PE...tiring as usual. played racing with the kids.
and the last game..they will win only if they managed to catch me.
wakakakka... of course couldnt la. 
till i gave up...cuz really TOO tired! 
already ran so many rounds...and they still chasing. 

after PE...
another case of discipline thingie!

after school..
went to kara to pick up my shorts.

ate lunch at home.
went online for a while...and smsed with my two loved ones.

but who knew!!!
those two loved ones.... sigh!!
one is quarantine for h1n1...
the at risk because in the same place as two people who 
have symptoms.


please God keep them safe...
and make her better!

was so so tired in the afternoon.
so i slept from 3.30pm till 6pm!
and didnt even want to wake up...
but mom was calling me.. cuz she is at penang.
so i picked up. 
then when she hung up...
i wanted to lay my head back down on the pillow...
but kakak called for dinner!


wana watch tv...but dont dare to watch the scary movie.
heee..cuz i'm alone at home.
normally i watch it every week (it is a series) 
with mom and brother.
but mom is away...and BOTH brothers went out.
cham. =(

tomorrow will be a new day.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

the future did change..

in my previous post.... i said i wasnt looking forward to prac. was because...rach was supposed to go.
then she said she couldnt go.... =(
so i wasnt looking forward to prac la of course..... without my other half. =(
but in the end......she came!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!! so happy
the future changed for me! lol.... happy. =)

and we were sugar-rushing the whole time. cuz of the chocolates and peanut butter cups. hehehe....
so high. 

had a great night.
rach left early tho....but hao pei me talk talk la.... hmmm........planning next week lor. sigh!!

rach...bila outting hmmm? heeee... =D

going to sleep now.


on rainy days...i cook, & sew. =P

it has been raining for the past few days!
so heavy rain.. sigh sigh sigh.
so i always feel so sleepy in the afternoon.

and i feel so tired also because i havent worked out recently. 
lazy me!! 

worse still...
i made peanut butter cups that day!
oh so nice.. really! =P
so sweet... it is peanut butter, icing sugar, sugar and butter and choc!!
healthy right??
good for those who are dieting...hor? =D
and then..yesterday mom made cheese cake. sigh!! 
all the good food.
who will want to exercise after that? kekekekkk..

anyway, nothing much to update.
i did sewing yesterday!
"old-school" sewing i call it. 
lol... with hand. not machine. 
i made Mr. Red.... =D

i love sewing actually.... yalah..i'm old fashion la. but i think it's fun. >.<
using machine or by!!
i dont care what you guys say! i love it then can.

i spent about one hour making Mr. Red. hehe...
kept redoing the stitching...and the stuffing with cotton part.
 aiyo.. did it three times then only perfect!
i want it to be nice. it is for a brave soldier
aiseh aiseh....
Mr. Red...
see his little heart? hehe.. 
took me more than 10 minutes just for that!!

tonight....worship practice.
yay... was looking forward to it.
i say was...why? tell you later la.
who knows? maybe the future will change. hahah...


Monday, July 27, 2009


OO la la!!.....

wait wait wait...before i get to the part where i say "oo la la.."
i'll tell you about my day.

assembly today.
as usual....the two rows of boys sitting in front of me were all snoring away.
so funny to watch them sleep. sigh...

well...the kids were quite well behaved today.

i love all my kids... =)
that's why today after work, i made peanut butter cups to bring for them tomorrow.

ate the left over pasta for break and fried fish for luncheon. 

afternoon...went to kara.
finally got a new tambourine. gosh.
and also brought my shorts to be mended.

went to ballet as usual...
ballet was funny and tiring as usual too.
was sweating at the end of class.

but but but......!!

you see, my ballet school is gonna be producing a ballet show in August.
so after our class...the performers were going to practice for the show.
and i saw a ballerina...GUY!!
actually male ballerinas are called danseur.
first time i have seen a malaysian guy ballerina.
he was so.....AHHH!!!! *faints*
but he was too too short tho. haha..
sorry, but if you are the same height as me, means you're short. =X
he wore those tight leggings
and he had a nice butt. =D
all ballerinas.....if you look closely..have nice butts.
they are different from ordinary butts.... 
the shape is different!!

yes, everywhere i go,
everyone i meet, mostly anyways...
i will notice their butts. 
on sunday, me and dave concluded that hao hao has a nice butt.
rai rai has none at all. 

that's all la. 

will sleep early......again.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

my sunday..

it's sunday once again.

missed rach... she didnt go to church because she was away.
talked to Uncle Roland after service....
guess i wont be doing braces so fast. he said better to do it in the city where i want to study..
so that it wont be so complicated..cuz need to go for checkup every month.

after church...went to man tai for lunch.
the susu kahwin at man tai was so nice!! hahha... yes, im addicted. 

came home... slept!
till about 5pm. didnt even want to wake up! 
i had weird dreams again...
i seem to get weird dreams everytime i take afternoon naps. 

woke up...
then went to cook dinner for myself and brothers.
cooked pasta with chicken and cheese sauce. =)

ate dinner........
watched some tv...
facebook-ed... =P

that's about it. 

going to sleep soon....
yes, i still can sleep early even after my 5 hour nap. haha..

rach...cant wait for thursday. =D
miss u so much!!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

spaghetti and meatballs...

we made Spaghetti with meatballs at ECA.

there were 44 kids.. and only 4 teachers!!! =X

so we divided them into 4 groups....

and then....started the cooking process.

first,... rolling the meatballs.
next, frying the meatballs..
which only the older ones could do. so the rest of the kids....about 35++ or them..
were running around..
oh gosh.
and only me and sam to control them.
i was shouting..
and in the end..
i gave up. just let them run wild. sigh.

FINALLY... the spaghetti was boiled..

and it was my turn to go into the kitchen to make the sauce!!
escape from the wild kids and into the peaceful kitchen. 
haha.... =P
marcus, howard, josh, sabrina and indi helped me...
cooked the sauce...and went back out to give everyone some...

they loved it. 
thank goodness!!

so tada!!...
our spaghetti and meatballs... =)
with cheese to top it off.

and then..after eating...everyone left!!
my goodness...
only left me and my two precious bao bei's..
they helped my wipe the tables and pick up the rubbish.
such angels!

tired out!!!!
wahhh.... cooking with little kids is tiring.. but fun too la.
although i was shouting like anything..getting a little crazy...
 still, at the end of the day...i love it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

skipped eclipse and susu kahwin...

supposed to have eclipse yesterday.
i brought my kids out to see it in the morning...
we waited and waited....
they were even prepared with sunnies and those negatives. =S
cuz cant look directly at the sun.

and waited................
and waited.............................
"Teacher....why havent yet oh???"

sigh sigh sigh.


in the end..we gave up waiting. 
nothing was happening. 
the eclipse fang fei zi!! lol. 

they were so disappointed. =S 
oh well..............went back to class lor.

my toothless bao bei.
SS during lunch break. =D

my susu kahwin...after spaghetti.

that's all la...
nothing much happened at school recently. =)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

kids and Mr. Muk Tuk...


this morning, in mentoring group...
i told my kids the Parable of the Lost Sheep.
then i usually will ask them to draw the story...
so they did.. their pictures were kinda funny la.... 
but they really put their hearts into it..cuz i said i would give them merits. 

Indi and Daph drawing..... 
my bao bei's drawing of the "Lost Sheep"... that a lamb or lion???? =.=

after fang gung.....i waited for bro till 4.30 cuz he had class.
so just talked with Mr. Muk Tuk... 
Mr. Muk Tuk followed us home for dinner...
but first we went to refuel.......
then we went to damai...
bro wanted BK...
i wanted yoyo... 
Yoyo now has mini pearls!!! i can still get mini pearls when room25 is closed.
so bought yoyo...then went home.
yes!! craving is finally satisfied.

watched some tv...
ate dinner...
then had to send Mr. Muk Tuk to church. he is playing guitar in prayer meeting.

that's all for today.


Monday, July 20, 2009

DFL photoshoot...

only post three here to my blog...

go to my facebook photo album to see more. =)
click here

we took over 500 photos that day.
only selected about 100...
editted and posted to fb about 55... 
or else you all might fall asleep looking at them. =P

first, we took formal ourfits.
individual pics... then groups.
then we went outdoors to take the other two outfits. =)

photographer:: Sophia. thanks so much!!
editted by:: Me. =P


Sunday, July 19, 2009

happy birthday, betty...


we surprised her after church.
at wisma anglican. hehe..
rach told her to accompany her to get something. then we jumped out.
i video-ed her surprised face but she told me NOT to post it. sighh....

anyways, deb made a nice cake!! so yummy.. and still hot from the oven.
then we went to api api McD for lunch.. with dave, sam, elaine, gintings n betty. 
poor hao...we ditched him with them... 
betty was shy..... =.=
me and the birthday girl. =)
love ya babe.
"I'm lovin it."


wagamama.... 17/7

we went to Wagamama for lunch on Saturday.
cuz rach had rm50 voucher. =P

group pic. 
kinda blur... 
we only ordered sushi only..... 
cuz we were all that hungry.

oh so sweet.
this is rm100 worth of sushi!!! haha....
then we ordered dessert... ice cream and jelly. 
total = Rm 136.20
and they gave us another rm50 voucher! cool.
i dont even want to talk about this....
rach. sigh.
fooling around...
taking pics....
had so much FUN!
we were so loud and all the waiters were staring at us cuz we kept taking pics of....everything!

in the car... going to photoshoot. 

photoshoot pics have been editted.. will post them tomorrow or tuesday ok? =))

Saturday, July 18, 2009

photoshoot preview...

photoshoot was today.
successful!! haha..
so happy with the pictures....

but i will only post one today.
the rest still need to edit it. and need to choose the nice ones. =D

maybe next week then only will post them la.... =)
come again to see more. =P



thank you so much for taking pics for us!

Friday, July 17, 2009

super duper joy!! new camera!

super duper happy today!
yesterday got new phone...
today is new camera!
*jumping up and down*
first time use so much of my own money to buy something. 

so happy. 
got a good..i mean real good deal for the camera.
all together, include 1gb memory card, and the case..
supposed to be rm1484... only cost rm799!! yay!!! save more.... =D
cuz it was special sales at FTech, Kara.... you all, go buy now!!! lol.
i chose red....
red is hot.
red is nice.
red is love.
more special than black la at least. 
after buying....
whole family went to McD for ice cream.
i belanja. hahaha.. since i was in such a good good mood! =P

guess who was happy. 

playing with phone cam....

came home...
took shower...
white rose mask. aiseh..... hao got good taste. 

that's all...
tomorrow is the big day.
gonna sleep early.
we need our beauty sleep!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

oh..happy day!

as promised, 
daddy brought me to buy new phone today!!
weeee.... =D
note: brought me to buy...not bought for me! i'm so proud i can say i pay for it myself. wakakaka. with the money i earn la.. lol. but it is stil from dad...but...i earned it so it's diff. get it?? =S
sorry hao, =X was supposed wait for you but i bought first. i still accompany you go buy k? heee...

love love lovey!! 
plus plus plus...
that's not all....


after prac... hao gave me something. awww....
i kept thinking "what is it??"....
 i thought it would be food or something. hahahah.. cuz he sure wana make me fat! =P 

but i saw..... YEE!!
mask mask mask!! woohoo....
was planning to do mask before shoot this saturday. he gave me mask. so ngam ngam de. can read my mind!

happy. =D

nothing can spoil my mood now.
shoot is coming up.
i have new phone.
camera on the way! yipee.... 

hey hey hey.. i'm not spoilt. 
these things i buy with my own money ok. =X
earn and buy for self. haha... once work is like that de lor. =P
cool. cuz can appreciate it more!

happy birthday to you..

today was Sabrina's Birthday!!
so as usual....we had a party on the 7th floor.
Sabrina'a mom brought food and cake.. =)
makan time.....
food pack had pudding, red egg, sandwich, fried chicken, sweets, choc.
the Tan's. =P 
my two naughty boys...
marcus loves his pudding. 
kelvin loves the egg. 
i used marco's phone to take pics.
cybershot phone man!! he is only 8 years old. 
my phone lerr..haiyo. dont need to say la.
with the mama-to-be-teacher. 
see ezra's face? funny dude...
must have one with my bao bei. 
whoops... forgot to rotate.
eat eat eat....
my handsome boy.
group photo!
aiya...cant fit all. 
with sabrina's family....

sabrina with her cake...

the birthday party had us teachers all exhausted!
cuz we had to carry chairs...and a table up. =S 
plus the kids are too small to carry...scared they fall down bah. 

that's all for now. =))