Saturday, May 29, 2010

and the sun came out...

she is leaving soon...
going off to study! =(
i will miss her so so much....

Rachael. <3

you've been there for me in happy times..
sad times...
all the time! haha...

love ya so so much!

thanks Sophia for taking the pictures... =D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

play date...

the other day... little Mel suddenly asked if i could go to her house to "play"
oh....i was very taken aback. old. =X go to her house to play with her. lol

so instead i said she could come to my house..and maybe i will teach her how to bake cookies. Mel and Ming came to my house.
we baked cookies....

had quite a fun time with them although it was pretty tiring.
they were so talkative as usual just like in school... =.=

will definitely miss all my students when i go off to study.

Friday, May 21, 2010


just got home.
we went to watch SHREK in 3D... happy that GSC Suria Sabah is finally open.
there is no need to drive all the way to 1B just to watch movies liao... =D

enjoyed so much. =)

good night, people.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

field trip... =)

today, brought the students out for a field trip.
where did we go...?

read then you will find out. lol....

left school at about 8.30am.

this is my bunch that i took in the van.
such a noisy group. =X

the greatest thing about bringing little ones on any trip or outing,
is that they get so excited...over the smallest things.
they were really cute.....all excited about our field trip.
with their little caps and sling bags and packed lunches.

well, it was about half an hour's drive....
to.......... UMS!
yes, we brought them to the 'Universiti Malaya Sabah'.

first, we toured the university museum and the gallery.
quite interesting....
then we had a short break to eat.

one of my student's mom gave me a packed lunch.
wow.....i was so touched.
she is she made kimbab for me!! wooo...NICE.
and also oranges nicely sliced and two packs of juice.
really enjoyed it.

after our short break...
we went to walk around the university's big library....

the uni has a kid's library too. they had fun there...

after the library... piled back into the vans and buses...
and went to the university's marine center.
the best part of the trip. =)
the kids enjoyed looking at the fish.. sharks....
turtle..... yes, only one turtle. lol

started going back to school at about 11.45...
reached church at 12.30pm.

bringing kids for an outing is not an easy task.
keeping track of them.. constantly having to count heads to make sure we hadn't lost anyone..
shouting..... holding their hands..
carrying their stuff....
being pulled around when they want to how you something amazing that they saw.

but it was really fun. had a good time with them.....
as i's nice to go with the little ones.
because they get all excited over the smallest things.
like a starfish....or even the books in the kid's library....
and it makes me feel happy and excited with them too. =)
they will shout and pull you to see something that they think is really cool....
like a "Nemo" fish. and eventhough it isn't really that amazing to you, the look on their cute faces
will make you excited and make that little thing seem amazing as if you were seeing it for the first time too.

so yeah.....quite a successful field trip.



exam is finally over!!!!

ok... sorry that this post is a little late.

hmmm... got back from Singapore on Sunday. =)

how was the exam? hmmmm....

well...on Saturday, got to the exam hall at NTU. woahhhh.... more than 100 people atking the test. i looked around nervously. many people from different countries. Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc... and some of them...looked REALLY smart. lol.

the first paper was MATH. >.< well......i couldnt really do it. the girl next to me.....she was writing endless pages of formula and working. and she was even eating a chocolate bar and drinking coke during the exam! but my exam answer sheet was........almost empty. =X felt quite down during the math exam....almsot burst into tears when after two hours, my answer booklet was still....clean and empty.

after that...lunch break then was the English paper. AHHH!! felt more confident. hahaaa... my answer booklet was totally full. =)

well, it's all in God's hands now. =X and the people marking the exam la. hahaaa...

hoping for the best. =D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh meee oh myyyy...

well..just got home from math tuition. hmmm....
what can i say? where do i start...?


last night, went to tuition too. well, the teacher said that this paper that i am going to sit for is REALLY HARD. well, i know that already laa. =.= and he said i need MINIMUM three months to cover Trigonometry if i am smart. =X aiks...i only have a few days neh!! and......i don't know if i am smart or not tiam. faints.
well he said just hope that the questions that come out are more on probability, statistics and quadratic equations. goodness, i am praying hard!!! >.<
because this sample paper that i downloaded from the university site......16 out of the 20 questions are trigonometry/add math questions. GAH GAHHHH....
and my math standard is only SPM and SAT lorr..

in the past three weeks, i have covered 12 out of the 21 themes/topics.
only 12, you might ask? well, for me it is quite alot laa.. =X
Graphs and coordinate geometry.
Simultaneous equations.
Quadratic functions.
Sequences and series.
Binomial expansions.
Measures of central tendency and dispersion.
Discrete random variables.

PHEW. alot right? well...NO. because i have not covered trigonometry.... and as i said, more than half the paper is about TRIGONOMETRY!! oh me oh my. WHY WHY WHY???

tonight...went to tuition again. at a different teacher. lol.
and she said that the math questions are for people who want to be engineers or something. what are they in my entrance exam for the Bachelor of Education course?? I HAVE NO IDEA! plus,'i'm majoring in English.. not math. GAHHHHHHHH... sure i expect to do basic math in university..but not add math and trig. @.@

showed her my textbook.... she looked at it. and from the expression on her face....i wanted to faint. =X she said it would take her two years... TWO YEARS to teach the things from that book. and i had like what...three weeks?? OH MY.

stuff i have not gone through?
-trig functions.
-exponential/logarithmic functions.
-functions. *scratching head--why so many functions ah????
-permutations and combinations.
-normal distributions. *normal distributions?? so is there a math topic called "abnormal distributions?? lol.

@.@ how ler?

well,tonight teacher went through the questions in the sample exam paper... she explained..i listened as hard as i could and tried to cram all that info into my tiny little brain.
but after a while....i could feel my head spinning.. my eyes getting blur...
one questions asked to "Convert the parametric equations x= sec t and y= tan t into a Cartesian equation." what does it mean? i have no
well........i saw the word "paramedic" instead of "parametric". and i almost asked her why a paramedic was involved in the question...luckily i kept quiet la. >.<

finally got home...after about two hours of math math math and non stop math....
i walked straight to the fridge and got out chocolate and milk.
terus felt so CALM!! lol......
seriously stress. yet feel so at peace. the amazing thing about chocolate. =D

all i know is i've studied as much as i possibly can. =X
all i can do is try lorr.. sigh.

"Hope for the best... Prepare for the worst."
i am so hoping that i can at least pass this entrance exam and get into the university.
preparing my heart just in case i dont get in... where do i go then? still thinking... because i ont really wana go oversees! >.<
oh well....God help me.

good night.


Monday, May 10, 2010

what an eventful day..

as you all know.....yesterday was Mother's Day. =)

after church, Andrew, Kuan, Hao and I brought Mom out for lunch. We went to Hana @ City Mall... then after our yummy lunch we went to Popular to buy some books.
went home just to rest and hang out. Kuan went off to work.... it was raining really heavily. perfect weather for an afternoon nap. right?
but aiyo!! the storm was really bad....lots of thunder and lightning flashing non stop. then, suddenly, our house had NO CURRENT! argghhh...
so we waited... and waited........ from about 4 till 6pm.. still no current. =X
almost went crazy.... so hot...and getting tv to watch and cant go online.
finally we drove down to SEB to complain and they said they will check our problem "later".
so since there was no power at home, Mom brought the 4 of us out to dinner. Went to eat crab!! yummssss... =D
after home. and we were so bored. so ate ice cream... talked...
and played music (violin, piano, guitar, saxaphone). it was kinda cool being in the house....pitch dark with a few candles lit and nice music being played by handsome guys. =P hahahaaa.. kuan, don't fly la please.
well well well.....FINALLY at about 10.30pm...some electricians came to fix our problem! thank goodness..... and power was finally restored to our house! yay...

it felt like such a LONG day. because of the power cut i guess.. but i was so tired. showered and went straight to bed.

i'm continuing to study my math for my exam this saturday!!! >.<
laptop broke down yesterday... couldn't turn it on! gahhhh..... @.@ oh no oh fb until it gets fixed?!?!?!?!?!??? =S

anyway, will update when i get my lappie back again.... hopefully that's soon la.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

heebie-jeebies.. =X

exam is in 9 days!

English for me is fine. not my strong point at all. =X
why does this entrance exam have MATH?!??!?!?!?!??!?! gahhhhhh.....
and it is A O level math... like ten times harder than the SATs. like seriously.

gone into a mode of hysteria and panic.
everything that i read is totally not making sense to me!
the words seem all blurry... =S
that day i read the piece of paper... it said MATH EMATICS. and i had to take a moment to think..."what is that?" a few seconds later, i realized...that it said....mathematics. =.= not my fault. the paper had a typing mistake and separated the word with a SPACE! >.<

actually....alot of the concepts i know. i think. =X but what i know is very basic... the things asked for in the exam are WAY harder and higher level than what i have learned so far. and in the exam paper, they ask the questions is a very different way than i am used to!
i learned using American curriculum and this AO level math paper is British! so different!! gahhhhh....


Oh, God help me!!
going into full-time study mode tomorrow!!!!!
no going out.. except for Saturday night with the gang. =D cuz we already planned it for ages.
no facebook.... ok wait.....facebook for 10 minutes a day max for now la. >.<
no tv. no problem for me.... hehee...
sleep early. as usual.
pray more..... need it!!
eat.....more?? hahaa.. especially brain food like CHOCOLATE!!! =P rach, feed me feed me.

good night, people.
tomorrow is a long day.
GAHHH!!! @.@