Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dinner at Nagisa.

last night, ASAA staff had a farwell/welcome dinner. =)
farewell for Mdm Salinah and I...and welcoming all the new staff.
we went to Nagisa, Hyatt Hotel.
the food was nice!
we had a very good time....full of laughter as usual.
also had speech time. haha...
will miss the staff team so much when I go.

ASAA Staff.....

VLC supervisors... enjoyed working with them so much.

with mom... =)

and finally, my teachers.....and now collegues. =D
Cikgu Donald - BM, Seajarah, Moral teacher.
Mdm Lily- supervisor while i was in DLC.
Mdm Soo - Supervisor... funny n outgoing teacher!
Cikgu Ivy - Form5 BM teacher... she rocks!