Sunday, May 31, 2009

hair cut

before hair cut... =)

just washed hair...


i like!

side view. =P

the last time i will cut it shorter lurr... gonna leave it long after holidays. =D

early morning..


just woke up. 

had a very weird dream oh. sigh. had terrorists, puppies, some parts is at my old tawau house...guns.. lol. my mind is so haywire. 

ate grapes for breakfast. =) 

turned on my lappie...guess who was online! haha...

chat to rach darling.. she updated me on the happenings of yesterday. so exciting. lol.

also about something else.. hmmm....a bit confusing, sad and really makes me wonder why. nevermind.

well, rach and i gotta go get ready for churchie. 

seeing my dearests soon. rach lui bet. hehe.... 

hao's first sunday as ASCath-er... =P 


Saturday, May 30, 2009

one week to go.

update first about yesterday. =)

we went to the Healing Revival Meeting. the church was quite full la. 
i sat with Rach, Betty, Ting, Andrew, Jack, Dave, Josh, Kaang, Hao, Elaine & Aaron...Sam, Moses.
we sucked on sweets while listening to the sermon. interesting ah...the stories. 
but the uncle in front...keep scold us cuz the sweet wrappers too noisy wah. but who knew.......after that, he himself asked his wife for sweet!! and open it and ate it. grrrrrrrrrr...........
I'm glad jack could go.. haha.... =P let him experience stuff like this. haiz. sayang la.....he just missed the demon being cast out. cuz he went home early!! hmmph.   next time la....

when it was to hao and josh for a while la. went home...SLEEP!

this morning, woke up at 9. =) 
study study study....... math math math.  X.X
cooked lunch for myself and bro. roast chicken with risotto! yummy yummy yummy!

rested and digested for a while... like one hour! teehee...
continued to study again....for about one hour only. haha...

then i did some exercise lor.. 3km again. 

went out to see puppies. 

missing rachluibetty now. hahaha.... 
tomorrow is sunday. yay! churchie.....

one week till SAT. God help me.

"They hide just out of sight.
Cant face us in the light.."

of love and elephants...(and ladybugs..?)

cute plushie......
why an elephant has a ladybug on its nose.....i dont know!

taken by Sophia...
we planning to ask her to take pics for the darlings. 

taken by me. =D

words on the box. sweetie again. =)
i LOVE his hair!!!

this boy... SS-ing away.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


had a farewell party for Mdm. Mary today..

had too many pics.. just chose some. 
still waiting for pics from Sophia's camera.

photos by sophia

there was a friendly basketball match today...
these two boys wanted to go to watch..

in the end....just became models only. 



he is so chubby...

teacherstudent bond.

he loves to take pics of himself... =P

i dipped him. haha...
love his expression. =P

see his tummy? 

we asked him to pose...

he asked me to dance....

my sweethearts.
my students.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

movie wednesday...

today ASAA had a outing to watch movie.
Night At The Museum 2

i drove my mentoring group to the cinema... and we bought popcorn. many hard to organize. =S   headache

finally got into the cinema hall. sat down and waited for the movie to start lor.
i sat with kelvin and indiana....
funny movie la. but the kids kept wanted to go to toilet. sigh!! told them to go before movie...didnt listen. grrrr.......

went to look at doggies in the afternoon... saw the dog we want. =D

baked 4 trays of brownies!!! phew..... for the tea party tomorrow. gosh.

tired oh.

chatting to betty.. will sleep soon la. 


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my little ones...

My Mentoring Group.
Isaac, Ketrien, Daphne, Indiana, Marcus, Kelvin

test shot...

look at kelvin.. hehe. adorable.
isaac is a model. =P he did a fashion show that day. 

printed this for Mdm. Mary...

dont ask me what they're doing...

failed shot.

printed this too.. hehe.
love them alot.

screams, tears, PTs, PTs, PTs, and CAKE!!............

everyone is feeling it.... 

today, it is Mdm. Soo's birthday
"Happy Birthday, Mdm Soo!" 

during mentoring group time, we took pics and prepared card for Mdm Mary. so noisy. cuz they were standing guard at the door to make sure she wasnt coming. and they kept shouting.... =S 
"The code if Mdm Mary is coming is.... M.D.M!!.."
sighh...... they were so excited. 

at break time...i brought pasta to eat. and i went to buy a donut too.. 
when i got back to the pasta was gone!!
it was all spilled on the chair and on the floor! rach, pls dont faint or cry..
MARCUS!!!! arrghhhhhh... he knocked it over.... gosh.
he wiped it up. he looked so so sorry. lol.. i couldn't scold him la. i told him "never-mind la.."
he gave me Koko Krunch and chocolate chip cookies. lol. 
he's so sweet... he felt guilty that i had nothing to eat wah. =S 
he's spoiling my diet..but he doesnt need to know that. =P

i enjoyed my Koko Krunch while studying... teehee....

"Great Chocolatey Taste!"

i worked it off... =P
jogged and rode bike today. muahaha...

Monday, May 25, 2009

last week of term..


it's the last week of term already! time flies... i'll be taking my SAT in 12 days! AHHHH!! i still dont know how to do math. i hate triangles especially! =S

will be flying off to somewhere too! weeeee... happy and excited! =) sorry're all alone this holiday. 

alot is going on this week... farewell, movie day and parents' conference for ASAA. =) 

today at work.... i was really speechless. 

Isaac Lee Xuan...sigh. I told him to study for his his checkups and memorize the Bible verse. 
I hadn't even walked four steps away from his office and he raised his flag and said "Study already!!"
i was like "..........SO FAST!!!"
blink blink....."Yes...."   grr..he's so cute!
He hadn't memorized his checkup... he hadn't read his book. =.= sighhh.............

after break...Genesis had finished her work. and she said she was i asked her to read books lo. 
guess what.... 
she pulled out her freakishly THICK dictionary and started reading it.
oh my goodness....
i stared.....and walked away. 

came home and slept.... then went to ballet.

tomorrow is a new day. =)


food food food...

taken last week..
snacking on Maggi Cup after work.
"Mee Maggi sedap di makan,
cepat dimasak."

peanut butter cups...
yumm yumm... it is SUPER sweet!
USA goodies from Laura,

my dinner today. =D
grilled chicken and mushroom on toast.
yummy yummy yummy!!
i love cooking for myself.

"You sugar addict!!"
my little bro, Andrew.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

steamboat sunday!

saw Sam Chiew and Jason Pang at 10am service.
their came back to home-country visit.

service was good. ended quite early too.
saw rach grinning to me like crazy lady. haha

ate lunch at home..watched tv then sent bro to Children Cell.
stopped by to buy something... =)
is for Mdm Mary...she is going to move back to Tawau.
and my mentoring group gave money to buy pressie for her.
cute right? hehe... i like oh. lol..feel like keeping it for myself.
when i was buying....all those aunties look at me with those "look".
what?? cant a girl buy baby bottles without being judged? goshh...

chat to my darling rach in the afternoon..
so much to talk about. haha...

at night....went out so steamboat!!
the highlight of the day. haha..
it is our farewell for Mdm Mary. =) 
will really miss her alot.
here are some pictures. 

our beloved Mdm Soo.... 
she is really a cool teacher.

group photo after eating.
my tummy was really so "kembang" oh!
even Cikgu Ivy's. haha....
can see the big bump. lol...
thank goodness i did jogging today.

fun filled evening.
the scandal is no more a scandal. =D
good night, people.
going to sleep.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

sleepy saturday..

reached church... was waiting for ECA to start. 

黄楷文, my 宝贝 kelvin, was there. we went to eat breakfast together at cafeteria. ko lo mee. 
i ordered one plate....he said he was full already so just wanted a drink.
he just sat next to me playing with my phone. he has a Sony E phone too! lol. so we were sending songs n themes. =.=
anyway...he just started eating off my plate. =X he started picking the meatballs...and drank half a bowl of my soup. haha...i didnt mind. sweet boy. and he drank half liao.....he pushed it to me and said, "nah..u can drink the rest of it la." 
=.= soup. i will drink it. =S

had to accompany him up to 7th floor.. then i went down to 5th floor to wait for my dancers. 

today...wuahh... those little girls ah. haiyoo....keep arguing with each other. argue till cry lagi!
me and lui were mao lit. lui helped me gao dim a bit la. the rest...i just scold them and asked them why need to be like that? can like that?? 
they didn't have anything to say anymore. wow...i think i'm getting better at handling kids. they are always speechless when i challenge them. muahahaha...

went home and ate lunchie....

slept in the afternoon for two hours. and still feel not enough. grr....
didn't workout...this is the outcome!

tomorrow is the day. =P rach says there is improvement wah.. 

miss you darling rach... cant wait to see you tomorrow. 
betty ah betty.... will you go to church tomorrow ah? haha..


Friday, May 22, 2009

yesterday and today..

yesterday, was quite a normal day. after work i helped out at the DLC because the teachers had some discipline things to handle. =.=
older students are so much naughtier than my little students. gosh.... n sneaky too. lie to my face lagi....

at night, went to worship practice. it was very fun.. the dancers were good and could follow all the patterns. =)

today, it was Rev. Sng and Ps. Soo Jean's wedding... so nice. we brought the ASAA students.
then went back....had staff meeting as usual. 

cooked pasta for dinner..

chatting to betty and rach now. =P not so usual us tonight. not high yet... 

ooo pressies...

from dad...
when he came back from his trip. 
recommended to him by a very pretty boy

i love love love makeup.
cream eyeshadow and lipgloss..
you spoil me, papa.... =D

yumm yumm yumm...
given from my dear friend..
you're ruining my diet man.... =P