Saturday, September 18, 2010

DYAC 2010....

attended the Diocesan Young Adult Camp! 
at Kokol Prayer Summit. 

this is the view we wake up to every morning...
so beautiful!

sorry didn't take many pictures.... >.<

the sessions were good. 
and the games crazy!
played dodgeball and tele-match during the two days. 
managed to get closer to our team during those times. 
the food at DYAC was so yummy too.. hehe. best camp food so far. XP
other than that, spent free time playing and spending time with friends. 
huge rhino-beetle we found.. 

on the last night, we had Happy Hour.
everyone dressed up in formal dinner wear. 
danced and played some games..
waltz.... =)
group dance...

sunrise.... 18th Sept. 

finally back home.
enjoyed the camp so much..... 

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