Saturday, March 27, 2010

ECA...Easter Eggs.

ECA today.....
this term, the youngest group is doing Art&Craft. (6-9 year olds).
since next week we won't have ECA, so we decided to do an Easter project this week.
making Giant Easter Eggs with the kids...
using paper....glitter...sequins..and color pencils.
some of them are really creative....

through out all the chaos and mess....i managed to make an egg of my own. =D

cleanin up was a real workout though.
we had to vacuum the floor because alot of them spilled all the glitter on the floor..
and had to pick up all the little scraps of paper..
and wipe off the glue from the tables.

phew. was sweating by the time we cleaned up the classooms.

had fun time with them doing crafts.... they seem to really enjoy it. =)

that's all for today


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

of burnt forests and sunsets...

got the photos from Soph today. =)

we went to take photos last week...
we had a theme. supposed to be "Save the World"
but since i kept laughing and couldn't get the correct facial expressions.....we weren't very satisfied with the outcome.
maybe i am an overly happy person...? hmmmm...

well, here are some of my favorites. =)
more at my facebook.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom's birthday...

today is Mom's birthday...
last night, we went to Hyatt's Japanese restaurant with her cell group to celebrate.

the food was really nice! appetizer was salmon sashimi...
and then each person got a plate of tempura prawns n vege.

the main course was beef...and also fish. yummy!!
then there was green tea ice cream for dessert and also cheese cake.

today.....we went to Firefly for dinner to celebrate Mom's birthday..
just the family. =) missing Sam though cuz he just went back to KL.
the food was quite good too.....


Friday, March 19, 2010

Photoshop class...

today, there was a class on how to use Adobe Photoshop...
taught by the ever patient Edwin.

since i am so "un-technological"..and really poor in stuff to do with computer programs.....
i decided to go and learn something new.

because many of us were very slow........ =S
we didn't go through much. went through how to use 4 tools only!! =.=
the MOVE button... the Rectangular Marquee.. the Lasso and the Magic Wand.
lol. yeah....yeah......some of you are thinking CHEH! but for people like me.... =D it was exciting learning to use those 4 simple tools. hehe...

but, i learnt alot...and it was really fun. hehe....

so i practiced...and here is the result.
kinda satisfied with myself. heheee....... =P
sorry bah......first time doing such editing like i'm quite thrilled that i was able to do this by myself. =D


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


yesterday, went out to take photos...

Sophia had a 'project'.....the theme was supposed to be
"Save the World".
haha....but we kinda failed because i kept laughing... and couldn't get into the mood. =.=

felt a little weird at first taking photos by myself. like don't know what to do like that... feel more comfortable when i'm with the darlings. cuz we can go crazy! =P

Sophia brought her friend, Jeremiah, along.
hmmmm,seldom meet new people...haha. glad i was able to make a new friend.
he takes really nice photos too.
will upload more when i get the pics. =)

this pic is Jeremiah's.

location is a secret. =P it's really nice because it's all burnt.
but the ashes made our feet really really DIRTY. =X

that's all for now.


Monday, March 15, 2010


this week is school holiday!

today, i practiced my ballet in the morning..... so rajin hor? =P and i also exercised...did sit ups and also jump rope to keep up my stamina.

then ate lunch and in the afternoon, i relaxed and slept.

went to ballet as usual in the evening. it was a very good class! teacher said that i have improved alot... hehe... my practice in the morning paid off!! i was in such a good mood after class......gonna continue practicing everyday this week! exam is in 5 weeks....

after ballet...went for a late dinner with family to Little Italy..

now i'm at home.....relaxing from my tiring day.
doing mask now. gotta look good for tomorrow. HEHE.. thanks for the mask, MukTuk... =P


Thursday, March 11, 2010

kids will do anything for candy!

today was the last day of school...

no PACE work for them. they were so happy. let them play games.... then let them watch movies the whole time. haha.... first was Tom & Jerry....they loved it.
then went for break....and brought them to the Resource Center to buy stuff...then let them watch Ice Age 2.

luckily the kids were so occupied today. cuz i didnt feel so well....and while they were watching Ice Age, i had a headache and felt very SLEEPY! lol...
and Aleksis kept pestering me for candy candy candy. =.= but i kept ignoring him because i had already given him some.
and he said "i'll do ANYTHING for a candy, teacher..please?"
then i said "no."
then he said "please..."
then i said "no.."
and in the end i just ignored him. head was hurting so bad. and he kept giving me these "i'll clean this class for candy.... i'll wash the toilets... i'll buy you something.... etc."

then he suddenly said something that made me respond. lol.
"teacher....i'll buy you a ring!! just give me candy!"
i immediately looked at him.....and laughed. i realized what kids would do just for one little sweet. so funny and kinda cute.

well, after class.......bought mcD for my dinner.. =D
and i had a nap before going to ballet.
ballet was GOOD this week. teacher was very happy with us. she said we danced very GOOD! cuz we made very few mistakes just now.
heheee.... so we were all in a good mood la. =)
oh....and she told us our exam date. =X yaiks.....still got about one month to go!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


had ballet as usual just now.

exam is like in a few weeks!! i can feel the pressure....and teacher is super stress because we still kinda suck. =X dont want to disappoint her...or myself. for the barre part, i'm good. can remember every exercise that i've learnt.
but as for the pirouettes and allegro work really need practice. i cant seem to jump very high. heheeee...too heavy. =X

the free movement section....i dont even want to talk about. teacher hasn't gone through it with us in like obviously we have forgotten everything.oh goshh...

and the character part.......yaiks.
did the polonaise today. my partner and i improved alot..but still not able to get high marks i think. teacher was yelling her head off at the others.....lucky i didn't hear her shout my name. if not ahh..stress terus!

stayed back today to show teacher my solo dance part of the exam... i chose the Character dance:Polish Mazurka.
did kinda ok ok i guess. at least she wasn't screaming... hehe.

i hope i dance better on Thursday's class.

holidays next week. i HAVE to practice.. sigh.

super tired.

good night.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Surprise for Dave... =)

Today was a great day compared to yesterday. =)

kids were so ting-hua today. hehee... mainly because i place a big tupperware of candy and also a tin of M&Ms in front of me while i asked them to do their Math. =P

night...had Alpha. hmm..not as many people as last week though. but we enjoyed it. especially the cleaning up part.
our whole cell group plus Jenny n Mich n also Ibu E. helped to wash the dishes and clean the tables. kept laughing and playing around. cleaning up is so fun when you do it with friends.

after Alpha.... we gave Dave a surprise because it is his birthday today.
we all pretended we were going home....and went to his house to get the cake.
then when he got home...he went upstairs..... (we were hiding in the kitchen)...
when he came down, all the lights were off and we suddenly came out with the cake.
he was totally surprised. phew.... we thought he had suspected but he said he didnt suspect anything. =P

anyway, best day of the week!! always have a great time when i meet with my cell group. =)

that's all for tonight.

sleep tight.

Thursday, March 4, 2010



terrible day.
first.....ulcers around in my mouth are making me suffer. even talking is so xin ku...ughh.

second....first thing in the bright morning. do i get a "good morning" greeting from students? NO.
instead....a scolding from one of the parents.
her daughter got a demerit from another teacher....for forgetting to bring home her PE clothes yesterday. and the girl was crying as if her cat died or something. dramaqueen.
so the mom came n scold and accuse US, the teachers, why do we want to punish her "poor little daughter"!!!
i explained to her that we remind all our students everyday to bring home their bottles, lunchboxes, etc. and we have told them since the school started (which was three months ago) that they will get a demerit if they forgot. so it's not that we simply punished her daighter!
and i told her this will help them be more responsible.

but what did the mom say? "dont punish my daughter. if she does wrong, dont give her demerits. because it will make her not want to go to school."

goodness!!! i was speechless. i was thinking in my mind that there is NO such school that doesnt punish students ok! or is there?

so i told the mom is not a serious thing. we didnt even scold the girl ahhhh....why is she crying? we just asked her to stick it on her office n told her to remember to bring her stuff home next time MAH!

but the mom insisted that we should not give punishments to little kids because they are young n just need to relax and have fun! =.=
sighh....if you want your children to have fun, keep them at home. yes,school is fun...but it is also a serious learning place. isnt it???? and this small thing will just teach them to be responsible next time and to NOT forget things mah. AH-DUH-HAI!!!!!!!


felt so hurt after the mom left. ONE tear... yes, only one. =D (rach..dont call me cry baby ok!) rolled down my eyes. and i wiped it away before the kids could see it.

my fellow teacher told me dont worry or be so stressed about it. because we are doing the right thing to teach the kids responsibility. felt a little better...but still sad.

as if the day couldn't get any worse....
went to dentist!!! arrghh..lucky he didnt do much. just check and done. phew.

but after that...paid parking ticket.
and when i came home, found out the guy wrote the wrong car plate number!!
ARRGGGHHH. tambah stress la!
sigh. oh well, dad'll be back tonight. will ask him what to do la. =X

oh goodness. what a day.

worst day i have had in the whole year. =X and the year is just gtting started.

ballet later too... =X

thank goodness for my "laughing-medicine"..... rach... =) hehe..