Monday, September 6, 2010

Kuala Lumpur....

well, i am at KL now.
will be stuck here for the whole week trying to get my visa done. >.<

what do i do here? alone......hmmm. maybe some solo shopping trips would be fun? it's mega sales right now! it's in my Malaysian blood to take every advantage of SALES. haha...

gotta find my way around this city though.... not familiar with KL at all and haven't been here in 6 years. dont know where to go.
but it's pretty exciting......staying a few days here by myself.
hoping to meet up with Ju, and bro when they are free too.

will update y'all soon! =D

miss you very much, CZH!
and rach...and nat...and elaine....and cynthia and dave and winston.....and the rest of you cellies! XD

cant wait to go back home. looking forward to DYAC! where will meet Rai Rai again... weee.

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