Saturday, November 28, 2009

movie morning.... =D

before i get to the movie part. 

this is on the top of my x-mas pressie wish list!!!
i LOVE this chair.. haha.
i go cravy over nice furniture.... =D
like a nest... and it's so comfy!

today went to movie. 
they said not nice wah...
but blekkk..i loved it. hehehe.

hao hao.....and Rain.
kuan is....tabby's new pet. lol.

after was already 2pm. so we went to eat lunch @ McD.

then go home lurrrr...

i need to go Christmas shopping larrrr!!!

rachael... you owe me SO much choc and candy cuz of today.


Friday, November 27, 2009


dropped by to see the closing of the Children's Worship Conference.
it was amazing...
so many kids. and the songs were so fun. 

met may people from Tawau.... the aunties still looking the same. the kids all so so tall now!
wow.....reminds me that i have not been back to my home town in ages. =S 
dont going back SOON! =P 

hmmm... mom treated us to Little Italy for dinner.. =D

tomorrow's plans...have crashed and been bashed up... but the show must go on! i have now a plan B and C!! 
hmm hmm hmm.. cant wait! 

good night.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

traffic jam!!!

i had a dentist appointment today.

it was at i left church at 4pm. plenty of time right??
since the dentist is SO near... Api Api only mah. can reach within 10 minutes....normally.!
it took me ONE HOUR...just to drive from church to Api Api.
and i hadn't even stepped into the clinic after one hour. 
i really don't know WHY there was such a big jam today.... 
i got so frustrated...... my legs were tired, i couldn't feel my butt, my hands were hanging lifeless on the steering wheel.....
thank goodness for Hitz.FM!!!! otherwise i would have gone crazy inside the car.....alone for one hour...and barely moving!
sigh. i have never been in a traffic jam like this before...!

i was very late for my appointment.. =S 
but Doctor R. was very fast & i was out of the clinic within 15 minutes!

and only took me 5 minutes to drive from Api Api back to church.
if i had to sit in the car for another hour...i tell you! i would have exploded!

apart from that...i'm am totally enjoying my holiday! 
going out with friends...watching movies....on my laptop the whole day...reading books....watching endless hours of tv... just some of my favorite holiday activities. =P
yes, i do miss my kids and the busy-ness of work...but sometimes, lying at home eating chocolates all day while watching tv is just so.......satisfying and relaxing. =D

excited that Christmas is coming soon.

good night.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Her Birthday.. =)

Yesterday was my darling Rach's birthday!!
i woke up so early to bake her a cake. 
her specially ordered M&Ms cake. =)
yes, i love ya enough to wake up to bake your cake, babe!!! 

so many things happened within few hours. and me and her got a bit upset over some things..
but the celebration still went on. =P

we went to Pit Stop.
and of course..ordered the huge pizza.
elton john look-alike. 
her cake. =p
after lunch..i went back to work....
meetings meetings....

went home.. rest!!!

night.... dinner at my house. 
kuan brought me to TA to buy leong fun susu. =D
it was either that or Yoyo la. hehee...
then came home...n we did some recording. 

that was my Saturday. =)


Friday, November 20, 2009

ASAA Award's Night!!

Award's night!!

wow... started the day very early... 7.30am.. practices!
my dear Nat... aiyo. she broke her ankle while practicing dance!
so she came to Award's night with crutches!! aikssss...

in the afternoon...went to the saloon.
then came home.. tried to sleep. but couldnt!!
too excited about the night.

arrived at 6pm...
did my girls' hair and make up..
The Little White Angels... haha.
i dont have a pic of them in their costumes.... mayb post it another day. =)
they danced so well. 
many performances......

my older girls did a dance too!!
so proud of them. 
this video is of the finale. =D 

andrew playing the saxophone.

ASAA choir.
after the choir....
it was Award's presentation.
dont have pics tho. =X
all in other cameras.

then the SPM group sang a song.
and we also sang a farewell song for them cuz they're leaving next year.

after everything....
i hugged my kids goodbye.
i start to cry. oh me oh my... =S
some of them i wont see anymore next year. so sad!! haiz.
i miss them all already!!

cleared up...
and went to Pavilion for refreshments.

Marichoon..... =D

my beloved Ting Ting....
love her lotss....
Sarah & Sarah.
both got braces tiam.
my dear Angie! havent seen her in a long time..
i miss our old gang... hehe.
little brother... =)
Marichoon made me a card. how cute. =P
and Rac gave me candy!! omg..i love this korean candy.

tonight was great!!

but i am so exhausted right now...
going straight to bed!
tomorrow.... staff meeting & rach's birthday!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

parent's conference, practice, and trimming....

woke up early.....
had Parent's Conference today.
was quite nervous... first time to give the reports to the parents.
hmm..but it went very well. =)

then a short staff meeting....
dance practice.....

then helped out and played in JLC.
doing the decoration for Award's Night.. which is tomorrow!!!
excitement is rising. hehe...

4.30pm... kuan and i went to the dentist. 
i sat in the chair..i thought Dr was just going to check our braces.
but who knew!! he took out the drill.
AHHHHHHHHHH! i terus sat up in the chair. =X
he was going to "trim" out teeth.
it felt like an eternity...but eventually, the drilling stopped.
i could breathe again. 

now i'm home.
it's raining....

so so hungry.
cant wait for dinner time.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

last day. HECTIC

last day of school!!

just asked them to clean up their offices and lockers.
and they played games for the whole day!

the LC was so noisy. 
the teachers were all trying to sort out the class and the reports and the books.
but not easy with 30 kids running about and shouting and tugging gat your shirt to play with them.

they were making food with play dough.
tacos... burgers.. sushi. you name it. they will make it for you.
i went to play with these two young ladies.
they were playing Monopoly.
good game to play to improve math skills. =P
and do you see that dog?? yes... he is also one of the players.
i'm serious!! 
the dog rolls the dice...has his own property and stuff.
sigh. girls are girls.
the boys were laughing at them..asking why is the toy dog playing.
and when the rest got bored of making "food"...
they started playing monster or something.
chasing each other.
dismissed them as usual....
but i felt quite sad. it is the last day of school. will miss them all so much!!
and my dear little Indi is moving to China. so i wont see her next year!
i nearly cried when saying bye to her. but i told myself i can cry on Award's Night instead. 
since that is really the LAST day i can see her.
haha. =P

in the older class.
the scene was not very different from the little kids.
so noisy too!! and like a zoo..
all of them throwing things around the class.... 
chasing and shouting. =S
in the end...i gave up shouting and trying to control them. 
it is really useless. 

so played with some of them too. 
Truth or Dare. =P

cell group was great.
no chicken wings this time tho. too bad.

tomorrow will be a  loooong day!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dinner with my brothers..

Aunty Rachel invited us for dinner.
we went to Upperstar.
but last minute...she had to go to another dinner.
so it was just us....
Kuan, Hao, Sam, Dave, Andrew and me...

6 of us sat at a table for 4 people. =.=
cuz they wanted to play with the comps.
plus....Hao n Kuan brought their laptops too.

i ordered the grilled salmon... yumm!!
but as you can hard to eat. no space at all. haha....

playing FB, HON..and watching football...

chat a while after dinner...
his new specs....
i helped im to choose. of cos nice de!! =P
playing HON. =.=
typical boys. whole time talking about football....DOTA...or HON.
goodness. i had to learn the terms. haha.
fun la.. a different scene than going out with girls.'ll be all boys...clothes....boys.....other
of course.... sine we were at Damai...
HAD to go to my favorite place. 

played cards while indulging in my favorite drink. =D

went home.

reached home about 9.30pm.

realized.. ARGGH!H!!!! i missed DH this week. oh my goodness.
rushed to see the last 15 mins of it... haha.
Eddie died in this episode. awww. =(


holidays are starting soon!!

rach darling....hope you do well in your SPM babeh!!! 


Monday, November 16, 2009

rehearsals... and the hunt for M&Ms.

had a lot of rehearsals today.
for ASAA's Awards Night,...which is happening this Friday!
i'm excited.
my lil ones are dancing... and getting lots of awards.
the big girls are also dancing.. waaah.

practiced the whole afternoon with the older girls.
they did great.

then let them have a half hour break.
they went to the cafeteria to buy drinks..
i was too lazy to go.
so i stayed at Hosanna hall... and SS-ed.

ahhh!! penguins.
teee heee...
little kid riding the roller coaster.
playing with the magic ball again.

the hunt continues for M&Ms!!!
why is it impossible to find?? sure..Tong Hing has. 45g!! =.=
i want big packs. haha.. MIGHT just have to settle for choc chips.
i warn you you can faint now. hahahah.



safety first.

"Better safe than sorry."
a quote we hear very often.

been carrying this around lately.
it's so cool. haha. i always see the girls using it in the movies.

dad bought it for me a while ago.
but didnt really carry it around.
bro and i tested it out...
can shoot quite far you know!!
i get scared very easily.
it's mainly cuz i'm just scaring myself. not cuz there's any real danger. 
silly girl.
sometimes even a shadow can make me jump.
or a lizard. =X

so yea..... always have it ready in my handbag or car....
especially going to ballet...
walking from car to house.
from church to car..... at night.

havent had the chance to use it yet.
not that i'm looking for a chance to use it la...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

my sunday afternoon.

went to church..
danced at church..

after church..
went to McD with granda, bro, and Nat..
then came home.

rested for a while..
SS-ed with Nat. =P

here... we'll start with a normal pic. =)
rach...does this remind you of some people?? =P

Christmas is around the corner!
Magic dust....
looks like old ghost movie.
what am i doing in the second pic??? =X

then...sent bro to Children Cell.
then Nat and I went to CP and Warisan.. had to search for stuff 
for rach's birthday party. 

went home. 
went to ballet.....

came home....ate dinner. 
going to watch tv now.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

sunny day..

good morning, world!

hmmm.. it's Saturday morning... feel so weird. like nothing to do. 
no school today. so just staying home and relaxing. 
rach would ask me WHY on earth i woke up so "early"...but i'm
not the type that usually sleeps in. =.=

last night, went to watch a movie with Hao Hao while both our brothers were at Kid's Camp practice.
2012... cool movie. although it is terrible.the world ending and all... but some parts are funny.

our Jessie is still MIA..
have to go hunting for her again.

her birthday is 7 days away.
plans plans plans.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

honey 奶茶 plus pearls!!...

work work work today.
busy in the LC.... so many things to do and count and prepare.
hmm hmmm..

dance practice with the big girls again. haha. cool.. 
now they have learnt almost the whole song. 
and we discussed what they would wear.
cant wait till they perform it!! 

3.30pm... kuan fetched me
went to Maybank. 
then went to buy...
yes, you've guessed it!
i was supposed to belanja this time..but he belanja me.
awww...thanks!! =P 

then we went for our appointment. 
scary oh this time. =S
Dr R. suddenly used the drill on my teeth.
i am really scared of drills in my mouth.
but it was ok la.... heeee. 
and we got wax that the wires wont scratch our cheeks anymore

bottom layer in!! =)

anticipating tomorrow.