Monday, June 23, 2008

in sickness and in health


i've been sick for like...2 wks in a row! how much more suckier could it get? lol
well....after my trip from bali...i got infected. something like strep throat or something. dont ask me what it was because i wont know. =S all i know is that i was totally sick and i had white spots (yeah..i know. ewww!!!) at the back of my throat, i had fever, flu and a slight cough. so ok....i took antibiotics for 5 days lorr....

i got better and stopped taking the antibiotics last wed. i thought "yippee!! no more medicine!"... mana tahu!! saturday came.....and my whole body broke out in rashes! it was crazy!! my face was like a balloon....and my whole body had spots all over. sigh. apparently i was allergic to the antibiotics!

skipped youth that night (yay!)...but i stil had to dance on sunday....i was dreading it. how was i gonna dance with a face like this!!!!!!!

come sunday.....i danced.. thank God no one fainted at the sight of me. well.. now it's monday. i went to see the doctor just now. he gave me medicine for 5 days again... (sigh. i hate taking meds!) so....we'll just have to see how it goes.
well at least i dont have to go to school tomorrow.

more another day....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


hello, everyone. i am SO bored!!! my blog is considerably new.... and i've added some things just for fun. see if you can find them. They're all throughout my blog and even in some of my blog posts. =) it makes them more intersting and plus....i can 'hide' some stuff that i dont want some people to see.
it's just like hide and seek.... no la. actually it's more like 'murder in the dark'. =P