Tuesday, September 7, 2010


view from aunty's apartment. 

today seems like the slowest day ever! 
finally got my CAS number. so i went to do my visa today...
oh goodness...i got there...there were so many people! 
waited for 4 hours...and it still wasn't my turn!! =.=
finally, my number was called.
jumped up... but then they just quickly check my documents then sent me up to another floor..
great...got another number. waited again. about 2 hours.... zzzzzzz.
finally handed up the forms and documents, then waited a while to do biometrics.
finally could go home.
what a long day. sat for 6 hours.... >.<
got out from the building, went to buy McD cuz i was starving...

glad to be back at aunty n uncle's house. 
resting now...

tomorrow going out! 

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