Sunday, June 27, 2010



it's raining.
when it's good for two things.
#2. emo-ness... haha.

well....i'm sad. my best friend and ever present shoulder to cry on is moving away!
sigh.... i dont know how i can survive without her by my side.
who will i go all hyper and crazy with?
who is gonna laugh with me for no particular reason other laugh. =.= yes, we LOVE laughing for nothing.
who will i call when i want to scream?
who will give me chocolates and hugs on sunday to cheer me up?
who is gonna be on my side and listen to all my complaints and problems.....??
i need her. i dont want her to leave....
but everyone has to move on. sooner. or later. =(
she's leaving in..... 11 days.
11 days!!!!!!
gahhhh................what am i gonna do without you oh, RACH!! >.<
you are always there for me. always make me laugh even when the whole world seems to be crumbling in front of me. and always advising me and scolding me when i need to be scolded. XD
i will miss you so so so SO very much....
=( about my own future. rejected by SG. hmm... was very disappointed when i found out the news.
so i have been looking at other options.
have applied to another Australia. if i do get in...i might leave in July already!
but i dont know if i am ready for it......
after being rejected from SG, my heart was all set to stay in KK till next year. at least celebrate my birthday, and Christmas one last time in KK.
but now......change of plans again. and i might have to leave in July. so not emotionally prepared for that.
i dont know how i can go through it....but i know somehow i must. sooner. or later. >.<

i dont even know if i want it to happen..........if it does, great. i can finally go off to uni! i have been waiting so long to start university life!
but if it doesnt...............i'll be quite happy too because it means i have more time here in KK and more time to prepare myself. hmmmm....
i can only wait n see what happens.

praying hard.

Friday, June 25, 2010

oh little town of Tawau... =D

well, let me tell you about my trip to my sweet little hometown, TAWAU!

19th June::

arrived in Tawau. and as usual...the first stop is....Uncle Tan's Karmel coffee shop (kopi tiam).

at night, there was a concert by some HK artists in church. so i went to it... very enjoyable.

met up with many friends and familiar faces. felt wonderful to be back again.

went out to yam cha after the concert...

20th June::

SUNDAY! wow.........went to the English service at SPC. enjoyed it so so much..... met even more familiar faces and friends. after church, went out with Kirk, Aaron, Pers & Pam. hahaa...part of our old cell group. =D

we went to Perdana to eat dim sum. was so yummy. had fun reminiscing with them about our past memories.

after lunch, went back to church.... then decided to go for a drive around Tawau. so Kirk drove me around the whole of Tawau. Tawau is quite a small town so that was an easy task. hahaa... we drove all the way from the old airport that Marco Polo....past the "town".....then all the way to Kubota.....

we drove two rounds around Tawau! (see,...told you it was small) because we were quite bored anyway. heh... =D

in the car....talked about. from all the scandals that were going on in the little town.

after our second drive round..we stopped at Kubota Square to yam cha.

talked and laughed some more.. got to know each other even better than before. =)

finally went home. then went out again to visit my old tuition buddy, Benn! great to see him once again........

21st-25th June... Student Convention!

well.....we were very busy during convention! all the competitions going on.

and taking care of the kids. @.@

i was sleeping in the room with the youngest girls.. 9-11 year olds. the youngest....yet everynight our room was the latest to turn off the lights and sleep. =X

it was really not easy taking care of them. putting them to sleep......i mean "bed"! >.<>

and waking them up in the morning.

phew. i'm just glad to be home!!!

back to my comfy bed.

my own CLEAN bathroom.

my laptop! heh... XD

my car.

here are some pictures. =) enjoy.

Kirk!! hadn't seen him in ages... =D
he's still so....TALL!
my driver. =P drove me round the whole of Tawau..


Paddle Pop...
bought it for old times sake.
used to eat this ice cream all the time when i was small. =)

convention.. didnt take many pictures because i was so busy.
but here are just a few la.

my room with the girls. =)
ASAA's one act play team.

guitar ensemble. they won first place!!!
spelling competition...

field trip to Cocoa Village. (24th June)
we ate the cocoa beans! so sweet..

last night in convention.
me and some of the girls in my room. =)
on the last night...they stayed up till....i don't know what time! the girls went crazy and hyper.
pillow fights. talking. playing.
at about 2am....i just fell asleep. could not stay awake any longer to take care of them.
irresponsible? NO LA. just plain worn out!

there is NO place like home... =)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Bali Trip 2010

we went to Bali...
actually went there for a wedding.
and 'sun bian' take a family vacation.

well, we stayed at the Conrad Hotel.
really nice hotel!! oooooo.......i want to go back there!
here are some pics of the hotel...

from our room, you can just walk right off your veranda and into the pool!

in will see these EVERYWHERE.
they are offerings to the "spirits".

well let me just briefly write about our trip.

arrived late evening on wednesday. so didnt do much. just ate dinner and settled into our hotel

on the first day (Thursday), we went on a tour around Bali.
went to see places where they made batik, wood carvings, paintings, etc.
and also the volcano. =)

second day, we went for surfing lessons!!
at PRO SURF school.
had so much fun.

third day, the wedding!

fourth day, heading back HOME!!...

here are some pics....

Gunung Batur,.. the only active volcano in Bali.
last erupted in 1963.
rice terrace.
SURFING!! most enjoyable.... XD

and of course....
the wedding. =)
Gavin & Gaby. <3
beautiful chapel....

that's about it.

sorry didnt upload many pictures here.
more in my facebook photo album.


Monday, June 7, 2010

well well well...


the past few posts have been mostly pictures.
because, well....i was just too lazy to type much. a picture says a thousand words, right? =D

anyway, thought i might just update with a post FULL of words. although i know most people wont read it. because......i dont normally read people's blog posts that have only...W-O-R-D-S. >.<

anyway, here i go.

i had a really enjoyable weekend.
on saturday, went to GCC's dedication of the new building. loved their performances.

sunday. sunday was a long day.
after church, went to Man Tai for lunch. saw Elysia and her family there. o.0 and saw Ah Jo...he drove by twice just to say hi. hahaa...

in the afternoon..just spent time with Muk Tuk. watching tv is our usual routine. then, went to 1B to help Jack Wong film an advertisement. first time doing such a thing. we kept laughing but it was really fun. after that he belanja us yam cha!! =D cant wait to see the end result.

got home.... rested a while then went to dinner at Funky Town with my little brother, the Cheows, Elysia, Jeffrey, Raymond, Louis, n Felicia. hmm... a really fun night. full of laughs. and the food was really nice... cool. now i know another place to go makan.

after dinner, we bought ice cream and went home to eat ice cream while watching CSI! =D

woke up.....went to school to meet up with some girls for practice.
then got home, ate lunch. and took a really LONG nap. >.<>
and it's raining now. love the rain... but dreading to drive through it later when i gotta go to ballet. ughh...

anyway, i packed for my Bali trip! excited!! i love Bali...... love love love.
looking forward to it. surfing. food. shopping.

that's about it, people.

oh ya...... i emailed them. and, future will be known by the end of this week!!! >.< heart beating.......nervous. anticipating the results. gahhhhh....

oh well,.... that's the end of my wordy post.
the next post will be about my trip to Bali.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

catching up with the ol' gang..

ahh..what a hectic week.
but...tonight, went out to yam cha with the ol' SPM group. hahaaa..
we took SPM together in 2008. =)
finally we got the whole group back together again.
the only person missing was Jack! he's in SG..
hehe. so fun to catch up with them
we clicked back just like last time.
talking all sorts of rubbish..
playing around..
and just being crazy n letting loose. =)

eventhough we seldom meet up like this,...
the bond is still there. haha...
we always talk and laugh about the naughty naughty things we during our student days. =P
really miss them alot!!! >.<

ah JO!!! heheee..
he organized everything. thanks, JOJO! yam cha again soon, ya. =D
hahahhaaaaaa.. and the embarrassing IC photos came out. >.<
gahh.. we all complained about how UGLY we looked. hahaha.
we all gotta go and change our pics.
the our teacher, Cikgu Ivy!
hehee... she taught us BM for SPM! =)

had so much fun.
was able to release tension n forget all the other things that was happening in and around me for a few hours.

love y'all!!!

good night.