Sunday, January 31, 2010

shopping day with jon n Rai..

it's Sunday once again!
hehe.... just cut my hair yesterday. so today i curled it... a diff look than normal.

after church, rach, nat and i went out with Jon n Rai...
there was a traffic we talked and laughed and SS-ed in the car. so fun.

went to Suria for lunch.
the food wasn't that great as they said it would be.
oh well......

after eating....we went to walk around suria.
went to Levi's and Times book store.

after Suria... we walked to Wisma Merdeka.
saw something so hilarious on our way out of Suria.. heeee. =D
i was the one laughing the most.

walked around the WHOLE of WM, but we couldn't find any clothes or shoes that we really liked.
so we just bought belts and phone accessories.

jon sent us home at about 4pm.

had a great day.
full of laughs and craziness...


Friday, January 29, 2010


today one of my students asked me a question.

they were coloring their pictures...and i was sitting there waiting for them to finish.

the class was totally silent...
suddenly Aleksis asked me, "Teacher,....why did you want to become a teacher?"
i was surprised by it..... but it made me think...and at that moment, i didn't really know how to answer him.

and all the others were waiting for me to answer too....

and he continued... "....why didn't you become a business woman or....a coach or swimming teacher or something??"

=.= *speechless....*

so i just told him "because i like to teach kids like you..."

then they all started talking at once...... =X so i couldn't really hear what they were saying.

but Ming-Ming said to me "teacher, i wish you were a nurse...then you can help people everyday."

i was like.... HUH?????? so random la man.

anyway.......after their discussion about what they thought i should have chosen as my career (yes, these kids have alot of opinions), i was dumbfounded. but it made ME think again.....
WHY did i want to become a teacher???????
all the headaches...and all the naughty students....and the shouting...
but then.......i love it. i feel so happy to see them everyday. i feel glad to see them get 100% on their tests.. and i love it when their faces light up when they did something for the first time.....or saw something for the first time.


still praying to get accepted into the university!! God please open the door.

project day - leaves and trees.

today, it was project day again...

so i brought the kids outdoors!
wow....they were VERY excited because they seldom go outdoors.
kids now a days! always indoors...playing computer instead of climbing trees & flying kites.

anyway, i brought them around the compound..
and we went looking for leaves.
they had so much fun....running and collecting leaves and flowers.

after we collected a whole bag full of leaves,
we went back to class...and continued with our project!

it was just a simple project.
we used the leaves that we had collected, and stuck them on make a "tree"..

i am glad that they had fun again... =)
planning our next project for next week....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tooth Fairy...the movie.

went to watch a movie just now.
mom and I brought 6 kids to watch it...
faith, becca, daniel, deb, ivan, eunice.
had alot of fun with them.

it was a funny movie.....
there are still quite a few movies i haven't watched yet!
and some of them are not showing already. guess i have to dl them....or ask kuan help me dl.
=D heee.
Princess and the Frog.
Spy Next Door.

going to sleep early.

school tomorrow!
cant wait to see them...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

"oil fried ghost"

yes, this post is about FOOD!

Mom went to Tawau..and she just came back.
i was actually sleeping when she got home, but i heard them calling
"you zha gui!!"

and of course......i jumped out of bed (literally)...
ran downstairs...and into the kitchen.

it was my favorite! Uncle Tan's you zha gui with kaya and butter...
mmmm... still so yummy eventhough it was already cold.
that's a sign if your food is really good or not--if it still taste yummy when it's cold.

till now, i have not found any you zha gui with kaya in KK.
and may of my KK friends have not even tasted it before.
they don't know what they're missing! =P

i'm feeling so satisfied now.

Uncle Tan's shop is one of the places you must go to if you visit Tawau.

Friday, January 22, 2010

project day... duckies!

today my students finished their work early.
so i gave them a project.

they LOVE coloring.... everyday they will ask me for something to color...or coloring competitions.

so today i asked them to color and cut out ducks... and write their family's name.
to make a family of ducks.

they enjoyed it alot.
more than i expected actually!

well, glad they enjoyed it. =)

but since they all are still young....they didn't know how to cut paper!!
oh gosh...
so i had to cut out about 30 ducks!!! =X
cuz some of them have big families....

then after cutting the ducks out...i helped them stick them onto paper.
then, pinned it up to the they could bring their parents to see their lovely work.

hehe.... this is my "Family of Ducks".

i had fun doing this little project with them too..
cuz i could learn a bit more about their family.. how many brothers and sisters they have..

came home at about 3.30pm..
practiced my ballet... and jogged a while.

now it's time to relax!! a free weekend. =D


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PE and chocolate class..

our class had PE today.
very fun. we played chase and also football.
enjoyed the football..... the girls were not very good at it, but they had us, teachers, on their team.
so of course...the girls won! =P

they were tired out from the sports...
so we all rested for about 15 minutes before going to change.

class went on as usual...
Aleksis gave me a bar of Cadbury chocolate on Monday..
and Mel gave me a bar of Kit Kat today....
so i shared the chocs with my class.
one bar of Cadbury choc can last 3 days...shared between 8 kids. =D
it's amazing how quiet the class can be when they are munching on chocolate.
heheee. my secret weapon for peace and quiet!

doodled while waiting to go home....

cell group later tonight!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

his tears,rage...and sugar covered face.

i consider today a good day for me.
why? because i didn't shout at the students... that is really an achievement for me. =D

hmm. the most interesting part of the day was when Jon-Jon got a detention. he's a new student.
first, he started crying when he saw all his friends going out to play and eat. he also started to scream so loud! and he started hitting the chair and bitting his shirt. he looked pretty violent. side effects from watching too much Naruto? haha.
he bit his button till it broke in half!! aiks. =X

he was so mad. he kept shouting and screaming for a loooong time. when i say scream i mean really scream ok. it was so loud. people from outside kept looking in because they heard him...they were probably wondering why he was so hysterical.
Mdm N. and I just sat there doing our work while he let out his anger.
then finally he crawled under the table... =.= and cried and shouted under there.
and he kept shouting "people hungry also dont let them go eat!!!!"
it was kinda funny.... =P

after 15 minutes,.... i went to talk to him. i wasnt the one who gave him the detention so i think he listened to me la.
and i brought the poor boy down to eat a donut. i didnt want him to starve ok! lol.

i 'pei' him while he ate his donut.... it was cute because his face was all wet with tears and mucus. =X so all the sugar from the donut stuck to his face. hehe.... yuckky and cute at the same time.
my theory is after scolding or punishing them, must sayang the kids back. so i 'manja' him a bit him wipe his tears, wipe the sugar from his face, ask him if he wanted water, and hold his hand while we went back up to our class. lol.

in the afternoon....worked at PLC. got a drawing and a bag of candy from some of the students.
that was my day at school. =)

after school...i went to the dentist with Kuan.
yaiks.... he drilled our teeth. =X

had ballet at night.
it was a good class... teacher said we have improved alot. =D yay...

good night!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

to Tawau and back.. =D

9th January..
we flew to Tawau..

when we reached, we went to see the school.
that was the reason for our trip.
to come for the dedication of this school.

we were very hungry because we hadnt eaten our lunch.
so we went to eat at Uncle Tan's shop.
the 'you zha gui' is the best!!! really...the best in the world.
i could eat there everyday.
that's how good it is.
and also the soto daging.
yummm..... if you go to Tawau, you MUST eat at this shop.

then, after putting our stuff at the flat, we went to Aunty Annie's house to hang out.
and also to ride the quad bike. =D

had dinner at Aunty Annie's house too...
she 'da pao-ed' satay, wo tie, noodles, bubur, chicken wings, etc.

10th January.
went to the English service.

and after service, i went to lunch with Pam, P'sis, Chris, Thomas and Rachel.
they brought me to eat dim sum and also to drink milky tea!! hehe....
still cant beat Yoyo though...but it was still nice. =P

the dedication of our Vision School was at 5pm.
the service was quite short...
after the dedication, went for dinner with Hao & Kuan.
went to Olive to eat. the food is nice there.

as usual....we went to yam cha after eating dinner.
hahaa.... =D it's a wonder how we stay so fit.

went to Vedablu.
mark, the Lo's and aaron joined us there.

there were 4 Macs at our table.
so everyone was entertained.
the boys were having fun....but i didnt feel well.
but the guys took care of me la.. hehe. and even bought panadol for me...

11th January.
last day in Tawau!

our flight was at 1.35pm.
same flight as the Cheows.

arrived at KK at 2.58pm!!
wahhh... only about a half hour flight! so fast.

glad to be home.


cell group farewell.. =(

this post is almost one week late.

well, last Wednesday, 6th January..
our cell group had a farewell dinner for the Gintings.
they will be moving away! =(

we went to a restaurant at Kolombong.
super nice food and good price too.
then after dinner, we came back to have a short cell meeting.
cell group is always full of fun and laughter for us.
but it was a sad night because Josh and Deb will be going away.

after cell group...we all went out to yam cha. =D

Becca, Josh, & guys have been great friends!
always making us all laugh.
will miss you terribly.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

thank goodness for the helpful gas station worker.

i was on my way to ballet...
and the car engine was getting too hot.
no more water in the tank.

so i stopped at the first petrol station i saw.. ESSO!

and i got out of the car..... and went to ask for help.
you see, i dont know where is the water container. so i cant add water myself. =X
"boleh tolong saya kah? enjin terlalu panas...dan...erm...saya tidak tahu di mana mahu isi air."
i bet half of you reading this dont even know where the water container is. lol.
yes rach...especially you. =P

but i didnt feel embarrased tho...cuz i'm a girl. i know they will just think
"girl mah...sure dont know anything about cars."

the first guy i asked, was as useless as me. *faint!*
he totally didnt know a thing at all either. well, i felt a little better since HE didnt know anything--he's a guy AND a worker at the petrol station. gosh lar.
so i asked another worker and he helped me add water.. (now i know where the water container is!!)
and he also helped me to check my oil.

i spent about half an hour, yeah, i was late for ballet.

after he was done, i thanked him!
truly appreciated his help.
i cant imagine what i would have done if i got stuck by the roadside.
maybe cry and some people would pity me and stop to help?
hehe. no la...
just call someone to come save me la! modern tech ok--HANDPHONE.
handphones are so useful aren't they.

ballet was enjoyable as always.
although one girl hurt her knee when she landed a big jump.
and then we had to carry her down to her car. =X
ballet exams coming soon. practice practice practice.

it'll be a long day at work tomorrow. =)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Sarah's Resolution for 2010.

it's a new year already. 

i am looking forward to this year so much.
because of.... 10.10.10! haha.
and also university.. =D

ok ok..
so i will get on with my New Year's Resolution.

why do people do this every year? a lot of times i have written a new year resolution and ended up i only managed to accomplish half of them.  =X

anyway, let's start...

  1. To read my Bible everyday, eventhough it may just be 1 verse. in 2009, sometimes i only touch my Bible twice a week. and some weeks, i never touched my Bible. =X shameful.
  2. Exercise three times a week. i was very consistent with exercise before June..but after my Europe trip..i have exercised almost never. aiks.
  3. Go off to university. excited about this.
  4. Try to act more maturely (ladylike/斯文).....most of the time.  =P  this year i will be 19 lo! must be more poised. aiseh. cannot simply jump about....or scream at lizards(no matter how terrified i am of them!). sometimes i think it's ok to let loose though. like when i'm playing with my little students, or being crazy with the Darlings. =D life is about having fun babeh!! there's time to be serious and time to go crazy. 
  5. Control myself and talk/laugh softer. haha....rach always complains that i laugh too loud, especially in public. sorry bahh...i just get a little too excited. =D
  6. Save money!! .....or should i put shop less? hmmm. i just need to control my up for studies, sarah!
  7. To stop gossiping about people who are not worth my time. i dont want to make them famous. this was decided by me and rach the other day. XP
  8. To laugh it off when people talk bad about me.. it makes me feel like a movie star when people who dont know me are talking about my life. haha.
  9. Be a neater person. i consider myself quite neat....but sometimes my room becomes such a pigsty. =X i think i should schedule 'spring cleaning' for my room every month. 
  10. Treasure my family and friends... and make even more friends. =)


that is my New Year's Resolution.
i hope to accomplish all of them this time.
it's mostly personal things...things that i need to change. 
apart from that....i am so happy with my life. God has blessed me so much.

cant wait for the year to unfold....and see what He has planned for me.