Wednesday, September 30, 2009

outcast! =(

sadly... i am an outcast from my room again!

well...i say again because...
on sunday. there was this BIG violent storm, see. 
and our power lines were broken and the electricity went SOT in our house.
but sunday night was fine....didnt need aircon cuz it was so cold cuz of the rain.

but monday... my aircon was not working! goodness! how can i survive!!! =X
so i went to knock on andrew's door... "andrew!! my aircon cant work!!"
he opens the door... i walk in carrying my blanket and pillows. 
and of course...i slept in his room! hee... =D 
he slept on the floor and gave me the bed! awwww.

anyways... yesterday... my aircon worked.... for half the night!! but i was too lazy to move out of my room. so just tahan with the fan la.

and today... it cant even be turn on! sigh!!!
andrew doesnt want me in his room anymore. too bad.
so..... off to sam's room for tonight! =D
carried my quilt, pillows, laptop, mug, and of little companions.... soft toys la.
into sam's room.

but..... it's just different sleeping in someone else's room.
the size..the bed position... the atmosphere. =X
just so so different and a bit wierd. least it has aircon!!! =D

i miss my pink walls. 

good night, people. 


10 days to go. =P

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tuesday- work and dinner with Mr. Muk Tuk again.

we did some craft during mentoring today.
cuz my little ones love to cut and draw and stick things..
so i made them write out their names...
then match a Godly Character to the alphabet.

something like that.
then we decorated it too...
had fun with them.

these are my girls..
the boys too lazy to take picture. haha.
in the afternoon.. went to JLC to work.
放学 at 3...
but one student had detention.
and suddenly i heard this noise!! i thought it was a phone vibrating on the table..
but guess what..
he was snoring!!!
oh me gosh.... =X

had to wait for Andrew cuz he was in guitar class.
hao hao arrived in church.
he said he had to stay till prayer meeting.
so i said he could follow me home lorr.. otherwise he'd be so pitiful.
no one accampany and no dinner.
like a homeless guy. lol... just kidding!! =P

so we went to Upperstar for dinner.
hao's fav number....
baked soup.
oh so GOOD!! mmm.. i love it...
hao ordered chicken chop.
andrew and i ordered lamb chop. 
very yummy..
all finished.... except for the coleslaw. =D

yoyo?? =D
depending on whether kuan da pao for me.
yes yes...i know i'm addicted! 
i already had Yoyo three times within 5 days. 


Sunday, September 27, 2009

dinner with the Cheows...

boring Sunday night...
asked Kuan what his plans were for dinner.

so they came over for dinner lor. 
we cooked pasta together.
chicken and beans with cream sauce!

"why need vege oh????"

"i want to do it...!"
the final result.
hehe.. it was so good!!
after dinner...
hao went to sit under the little niche under my stairs.
he said it was cool..
we played with camera as usual.
tried doing the writing with light.
but kinda failed. =S 
then we went upstairs to weigh ourselves..
and also measure our height.
i'm 165cm! 
they're both about 167...

then we looked at old pics.
from SPC. funny to see ourselves when we were young and also our friends.

then they went back home....

it was such a fun day.

it's raining again... =)
good night, all!

13 days to go!!!!! =D


photography... =)

yesterday, while Andrew and Hao were at youth.......
Kuan, dave, sam and i went to Yoyo.
talked and took lots of photos...

we also took out all our licenses... to compare.
I will be the first to remove the P!..
as i was the first to get license. teeheee..

got home.... 
played with kuan/hao's camera...
took many random things..

more at my facebook


lunch at Secret Recipe...

after church service...
we went to Secret Recipe for lunch!

hao hao ordered appetizer...
i ordered lasagna...
the rest of them ordered chicken cordon bleu.

all of us. =)

that's all. 


Saturday, September 26, 2009

fried chicken ECA.. yummy!

well,..... it's term 4 now.
so ECA groups have changed. 
i'm still in Cooking... 
this is my Cooking group.

dont they look awesome in their aprons? =D
we cooked fried chicken!!
only 13 of us today.

Sophia and Danzel.
in charge of making the honey/mustard sauce!
Andrew, Seh Seh...
seasoning the chicken.
secret recipe of spices.
just kidding.. hahaa.. very simple recipe actually.
yet oh so good..better than kfc. =P 
well, that's what Andrew says.
and this guy...
whole ECA just SS-ing away. 
posing somewhere in the background in every single picture.
dunking the chicken into flour.
frying french fries...
Mr. Sexy doing his job.. frying the chicken.
he's finally doing some work!
haha.... washing up.
the sauce is done!... 
la la la...
still cooking...
while waiting for the food to cook....

finally... everything was cooked.
and the kitchen all cleaned up.
we went to the pavilion to feast on our food!
my lunch.....

fun day! wonder what we will cook for the next ECA.

Friday, September 25, 2009

cell group and prawn noodles.. =)

cell group was changed from wednesday to friday.
cynthia, rai rai, winston n ju were still away at DYAC.
so it was just us..the "young" ones. =P

kuan picked me up to go to cell group..
reached church.. no one was at home! (cynthia's house)
so we all knocked and shouted. 
hmm.. no one came to open the door.
so....ok lor. kuan, me, josh n deb went to the Lo's house to find dave.

we waited there.....
wondering what to do.
"maybe ps E forgot... ??"

so we all said we'd wait till 8.15pm... if he still didnt call us... then we would go out yam cha.
but..... too bad. haha...
8.10pm.....he reached the house and called us there.

it was a very fun cell group as usual.
never ever boring de. =P especially with josh. 
although we were missing winston so much.
and the others of coz la... but winston is just so lively. hehe..

we ended cell at 9.40pm.... then we went to foh sang to yam cha.
the prawn noodles! so yummy....

then kuan sent the LO's and me home.

love cell group days!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

it was a LONG day.. river + 1B

went to the waterfall with Andrew, the Lo family, Cheow bros, and paul..

the day started off very....VERY early.
reached church by 6.50am.
went to wake david up!! 
we left church at 7am.... and went to refuel kuan's car.
drove to inanam...
we were all very hungry.
so went to buy pao. =)

at about 8am....
we reached the waterfall!
the water was SO COLD.
just swam.. played..
jumped off the falls...
ate some snacks...

we played till about 10.30am....
wee heee....

rach. <3
she came late... =.= 
with her cousins. 
all changed and dry.
in the car...
on the way back to town. 
ate lunch at the Lo's house.
then went home to shower and change... 
then went back to church to go out with them again to 1B.
we were supposed to watch movie... but too lazy.
so we went to play pool.

nice pool place... and quite cheap too.
so while they were playing, i was hungry!
so went to get some sushi! =)
then joined them again.... 
played a few rounds of pool.
also went to the arcade to play..
then walked around 1B.. 
finally went back to the Lo's house at 5.45pm.

so so tired...
slept while waiting for dinner.
Aunty Stella called us for dinner...
we all lagged a bit... we just lied there unable to move. 
till she called a second time. =X

ate yummy dinner... fried chicken! =D

after dinner..watched some tv with them..
then went home.