Saturday, July 31, 2010

of pizza and polaroids..

ECA with the kids last week..
baking pizza bread. =)

Roy came back to KK for a few days...
went out to yam cha..
heee... XD
Elysia & me...

that's all folks... =D

will update again soon la.

tonight... 7.30pm
HOSANNA HALL, All Saint' Cathedral!
be there...... !!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

random updates...

this post will be really random.

don't really know what to write... but since tonight i am quite free tonight... so here goes.

well,... almost everyday i hear this question.
"So....when are you going to study?"
=.= gahhh.... i hear it everyday....sometimes from the same people. and i give the same answer. don't know how many hundreds of times already. =X
well...i honestly don't know when i am going off to study.
i feel so so...OLD. haha... 19 already and not even started my university life!
well since i couldnt get into SG...i'm trying to apply to Australia...hoping England too. not sure where i will end up going to study or when i will be going. =S might be this year..might be next year. it's all so unplanned and uncertain. sigh.... i hate that. i don't like being unsure and i hate it when things are last minute and unplanned!
i'm really looking forward to going to study, actually. =D i would definitely prefer England. i like the lifestyle there and the people so much. Europe and England are my favorite parts of the world. would so much rather go there to study than any western countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
well....trying and praying and waiting!

hmmm.... life goes on slowly and quietly and CALMLY without my dear Rachael Mia. i miss her very very terribly much!!!! =( sometimes i still tear up when i think of her...
but we email each other and skype and text. so it's ok la. at least she's still within MALAYSIA. =) she's settling in really well there.. HEH. =D happy for her......

well, Sam's back! hehe.... the house is so much noisier with the two boys reunited. lol.
whole family is back in the house once again! what a rare thing... but then....i still get left home alone sometimes! gahh.... like last night.......brothers out to youth...parents out to confirmation. =S i admit...i was kinda scared. heh..... cuz the house is so big.....and sometimes i hear sounds. lol.. i know im just scaring myself though. normally just distract myself by watching tv and eat eat eat EATING. =D
telling myself gotta get used to it if not next time how to live alone in college or after college when i'm outside working?? =S grow up, sarah!

been working in ASAA for about..... one year and 7 months. been enjoying it very much! growing closer to my students everyday. i realized that they actually DO pay attention when i talk. lol.... sometimes the imitate the way i talk....or act.'s kinda cute. will definitely miss them dearly when i go off to study......

la la la...

watched quite a few movies recently. Eclipse and Inception.
well...Eclipse was....hahaa........i'm sad to admit it...but it was kinda disappointing! =( Twilight was SO much better. waiting for the next two movies!
Inception. haha..another surprise. i thought it was a typical "guy" action movie. i thought "oh's gonna be SO boring for me laaaa.."
but actually...i really enjoyed watching it. very interesting.
my normally movie choice is comedy/romance.. =D typical girl hor. but this time......surprised myself and really liked this thriller/sci-fi/action movie.

August is coming soon! heh..... quite a few birthdays in August. =)
not sure what to buy or what to do for those certain people. =.=
little brother has requested so many things for his with his fav food...chocolate cake made by me. =.= and of course he wants this and that for pressie.
he'll be 16 this year lo!! wahh...big boy liao actually. yet we still see him as a baby. sometimes i still think he is 12 or something. hehee....
and another special someone is turning 18 in August. hmmmmmmmm..... what to do what to do? >.<

oh well.....i'm quite hungry. have been craving cendol and coconut pudding for a few days already. hehe..... really gotta have it soon!!

that's all for tonight, guys. =)

will update again soon if there is anything to update about. =.=


Sunday, July 11, 2010

anyone need a pensue??

well before i get to the pensue part.......

yesterday, went with a bunch of students to Taylor College's Learning Circle talk...'s like introducing the college and there were some workshops for us to join.

there were three workshops.
Engineering, Business, & Design.

they diveded us into groups....
then the first workshop i went to was Design. was ok la. the guy talked a little about design
then he gave us a project.
he played different kinds of music and asked us to draw.....anything. =.=

well.....after that, we moved on to the Business workshop.
ahh...this one i enjoyed super much!
each group was asked to design and sell a pencil.
each group was given 6 pencils, some paper and glue....
and you had to make something...anything...out of it.
and present the product to everyone.
my group........ we created a PENSUE.
(pensue = pencil + tissue)
and we won the challenge... lol.

it's really practical actually..... heh...
if you are writing a love letter to your bf/gf and you start to cry...?
heheheeeee....can terus pull out the tissue from your pencil. =.=

well......had quite a good time with the students.
i seldom take care of the older ones.... we were a bit crazy but it was fun.


Friday, July 9, 2010

up to Heaven.... was probably the happiest day in my teaching experience yet.

I had just read a story to my students in class.. and i asked them to color a picture.
so as they were coloring... suddenly Chen-Chen asked me quietly,
"Teacher.....i want to up with God."
i was like... "WHAT??"
ya, i know his grammar is pretty bad.....but his English improves day by day. =)
then he seemed very shy and i didnt know why. then he said again "how to be up with God?"
i was still quite blur.... that's the result if you dont eat your breakfast! brain cant function eat breakfast! lol...
then i asked him what he meant...n he asked my how to be with God "up there" after he dies.
wah young and think about after die where he wana go.

so i was very happy to explain to him about Heaven and how to go "up there"...
and he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart.
i was so happy...while praying i started to tear up and almost cried.
and after that, little Mel who was also listening to our talk also said she wants to go to Heaven too. so prayed with her also.

i was really overjoyed. could not stop smiling after that.

children may be young and you think they don't know much. but one thing i learnt is that they watch you very carefully and they DO know and absorb alot of information and they understand more than we think they do.
i used to be very doubtful when a little kid makes a decision to accept Jesus. i would think to myself "does he really know what is going on? or is he just doing it to follow his friends......?"
but after teaching my kids... and after hearing their questions about God... and after seeing their faces.. i think that sometimes children are even more sincere and sure in their decisions than adults.

so i hope when they grow up, they will remember this and ask Jesus into their hearts again.

ahhh...... i feel so happy. =D
they can read. (i teach them phonics)
they have Jesus.
my job as a teacher is done. LOL

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a final goodbye....

my dearest darling/best friend/shoulder to cry on/chocolate supplier,
Rachael Mia.

she moved to Kuching today... going off for further studies.
well......she came to school for a final hug and goodbye.
it was pretty sad and tearful. =S
but we sent her off as happily as we could.

last Friday, we had a farewell dinner for her.
we went to Upperstar then to Room25 for further yamcha...

i gave her a collage... =D
made it with the help of my assistant. heh....
i love you, rach!!! <3
you mean so much to me.....
laughter... always present!!
i will miss laughing like crazy with you, rach.. >.<
with BETTY....
group photo.......

i miss you so much, Rachael!!!!!!!!

come back soon....please?