Thursday, September 9, 2010

KLCC...and food food food!

well well well...
another day out in the city of KL today.
met up with Sam at KLCC. 
did not buy anything...except for make up and books. >.<
what a strange girl i am..
went for lunch at the food court.
Chicken Teppanyaki.. which was recommended by Rai Rai. 
very tasty oh...and healthy too cuz got alot of vege. XD

then we walked around KLCC.... to Kinokuniya. 
such a huge bookstore. so many novels to choose from! 
heeee... so many books by my fav authors::
Sophia K., Marian K., Rachel G., Nicholas S., etc....

walked some more around KLCC. 
then we decided it was time for dessert.
ice cream... enjoyed to the max! 

so we went home early.. at about 3.45pm....went to the LRT station.
train was SO full but we managed to squeezed into the train.

why not moving ah?



15 minutes later. 
the train is still not moving.
everyone in the train was hot and fidgety. starts to move.
but stops at the next station for about 10 minutes again!! 
=.= wth.
then ah.....i was supposed to get off at Masjid Jamek to change train mah.
mana tahu!!!!! they decided to skip my station n not stop at it. 
so i had to get off at the next stop, and wait for the train to go back to MJ. 
grrrrrrrr.... waited for 20 minutes then only the train came. 
sigh. headache.
finally sampai MJ station...then took another train back to PWTC.
finally reached home after 1 and 1/2 hour of traveling. 
normally the journey would only take about half an hour eh! 

at night, aunty n uncle brought me out to eat bak kut teh.
mmm..nice. =D

i am so ready to go home!!!

i wana go home.

cant wait for this weekend.. heee. XD

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Sam Vun said...

Glad you arrived back safely :)