Friday, April 30, 2010


today, we celebrated Xuan's and Ming's birthdays at school.
that's one of the perks being a teacher for the younger class. hahaa..always having birthday parties. =P

well, i made two cards for the girls.....
then this morning,... we had the party at the cafeteria.
alot of food as usual...

the girls were very happy. =)
the whole class had fun.... then went back to the LC to open presents...

Ming's mom went to print the photos from the party immediately and gave me some...

had fun today with them.
glad they enjoyed themselves.....

tonight, LAST session of our Alpha....
planning my weekend.........


Saturday, April 24, 2010

exam is over!!

today, i woke up at 6.45am!
got dressed and did my hair....and drove to my ballet school.
yes,.......EXAM was finally here. =X

felt so so nervous on the way to school.
arrived at 7.30am... went up and started to go through the exercises.
teacher helped us to do our hair nicely, and kept reminding us about our dances.

9.15am..... the bell rang.
means that it was our turn to go into the exam room! gahhhhhh....i was so nervous!
got in.... danced the barre. my legs and hands were trembling as i danced.
i hope the examiner didn't notice. =S
only made one mistake at the barre.. phew.
then on to centre.. then free movement... then character.
made a few mistakes here and there...but overall i think i did good.

exam ended... was so relieved!! i could breathe again! hi hu hi hu.....

went for lunch with family at Little Man Tai.
then went to look at a house at....somewhere. forgot the name.

after that, mom and i went to cut our hair. =)

that's all for today.
so tired......... one week break from ballet!! yay....


Thursday, April 22, 2010

"thou shalt not steal..."

today it was the first time I felt so absolutely disappointed and saddened by my students.... or more like...student.'s the story.

today, during class, Lenny** tried to steal Kenny's ** Ben10 eraser. =.= why would you want to steal an eraser???!?!?! kids are so.....bizarre.
i say tried...because he got caught. another teacher saw him sneakily take the eraser from the table and put it into his pocket and then into his pencil box.
when she questioned him about the whereabouts of this oh so coveted eraser...he said he didnt know where it was.
and she opened his pencil box.....and THERE IT WAS. sigh.

so she reported it to me and i had to talk to him about it.
Lenny is in my mentoring group (in school, we do morning devotions before starting work), and i had just taught them the 10 Commandments last Tuesday!!
and as you all know...the 8th commandment is "You shall not steal."
so even though he was not directly disobeying ME...i felt sad that what i said hadn't even gone in one ear and out the hadn't gone in his ears AT ALL!!! *faints*

when i asked him about why he did it. he just kept scratching his head and saying "i don't think i took it.... maybe it was me??"
UGHHH!!! the evidence was already in my hands and he still tried to deny it to me. goodness. how stupid do these kids think their teachers are????!!!?

well....i had a long talk with him. and i kept emphasizing how wrong it was to take something that did NOT belong to you. to steal. i know it's not a big deal. just an eraser. but we dont want him to cultivate this habit of taking people's things because it will not be good for him in the future if he continues doing this.
i decided not to discipline him this time but gave him a strong warning that if he repeated this serious offense........i would not be so merciful. lol.
and i told him that tomorrow he must apologize to Kenny and return the Ben10 eraser.

normally when students do something wrong, i get mad. but this time....i was not angry at all. yea, i know. weird isn't it? sarah not getting mad. ooooo....
i just felt utterly disappointed. with him. and a little with myself.
are my teaching skills not good or what?????? or do his ears just automatically close when i am talking?

i dont understand how when i teach the kids something...and ask if they understand what i have just said. they say yes..and they can even repeat what i said. and yet the next second they will do the exact opposite of what i told them to do!! gahhhhhhhhhh.... this teaching thing ain't as easy as i thought it would be. =.=

God help me. lol...... i do not want high blood pressure and white hair so fast!!! >.<

this incident kinda spoiled my mood for the rest of the day.
but i released tension when i practiced my ballet! =)

going to sleep. i need sleep!!
been dreaming about ballet and my ballet exam for the past few nights. cant wait till it's over!

**names have been changed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

last chance for redemption... ?

ok.. let me update a little bit first...
today, it's Elaine's birthday!!! hehee... we celebrated her birthday on Saturday.
went to her house for a party. ate lots of chicken wings!! XD

on sunday, went for lunch with Roy, the Cheows and Dave to Upperstar.
two times in a row we've been there... went there last Sunday too.
then i had extra ballet class at 5.30pm.. then out for dinner with the Cheow and Lo brothers again.

today.... OUR LAST class...
ballet exam is this coming Saturday!! =X

we were dancing like mad and teacher was shouting and really stressed.
sighh... we asked all the questions tat we needed to and went through every single dance step..
it was our last chance to get it right before the exam!
stayed back till late to practice more....
feeling really nervous right now.
worried about the exam... gahhh!!
MUST practice tomorrow and everyday!

going to sleep early......


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alpha Weekend... =D

well.... yesterday, a group of us went to Kundasang for Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend!
about 20++ people.

we left church at about 3pm on Friday, April 9th..
drove up and up....
stopped at a place.....but the toilet had no we couldn't use it. =X
but we did find the cheapest car wash ever la. hehe...

taking pics at the first rest stop. NICE VIEW!

then we drove a little bit higher up the mountain... stopped at this restaurant and had toilet break and taking pics of Mount. Kinabalu again.

reached our destination at about.... 5++ pm.
walked around the compound....
loved the place that we stayed! worth it.. hehe.

after resting for a while..... we walked out to dinner.
it was very dark and we walked by the road side... hmmm. freezing cold too. =X
but i liked it cuz we could see all the stars clearly! =)

dinner at...... aiks, i forgot the name. but it's directly opposite National Park la.
yummy food!

we got back to our place..... and rested...
our room.....the toilet has NO door. so,....we made do la. =)

session started at 9.45pm that night.
till about 10.30pm.. then we watched movies and talked... and finally slept.

woke up for breakfast at 8am... had 4 sessions. with 15 min breaks in between.
during those breaks, we went around taking pictures and also sleeping. hehee..
the sessions were held in the living room. so it was a very warm and intimate atmosphere. =D

the last session.. there was something like ministry time.
then finally... about about 1pm... we started our BBQ!!!

the menu was simple and delicious!!
chicken wings.. HOT DOGS.... satay.. bread... marshmallows.

our lovely mess. hehee...

we were very ahead of schedule.
finished eating and packed up by 3pm...
and it was time to go home!!! >.<
this was where we stayed!!! loved it.... want to go back again.

started driving down the mountain at 3pm.. reached church at 4.40pm. fast leh. hehee..
we were only supposed to start driving down the mountain at 4.30 and reach at 6.30pm...
oh well... the earlier the better..then we went home to rest!!!

i enjoyed our weekend away so much!
time of fellowship and bonding with our cell group was great =)

when is out next outting???? >.<

super tired now.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i was going through some "old" stuff yesterday... well, not that old la. but...yea. old.

and i found this song.
i wrote it with a bunch of friends from Australia when i went there for student exchange (2007). we were in the Music class....and we wrote and composed this song...and we recorded it on a cd too. hmm..i got to find that cd!!
=) hehe....anyway, it was a fun experience.

here it is::
it has 3 verses and 1 chorus.


Looking for You
Looking for Your face
Looking for Your words
And looking for Your grace.
Looking through a looking glass
Seeing blurry reflections
Looking through the eyes of a mask
To hide my imperfections

Finding Your comfort
That wipes my tears away
Finding Your shelter
That keeps the storms away
Finding Your peace
Which keeps the trouble at bay
Finding Your love
Freely given to me

Forever Your love carries on in me
Forever Your music makes me sing
Forever Your Word takes my breath away
Forever I will worship You.

Staying in Your presence
Worshiping with You
Staying in your arms
Never to let You go
Staying in your safety
You'll catch me when i fall
Staying to Your words
To be more like You each day

*lyrics by Libby, Jess, Sarah, Hobby, etc. whoops...forgot who else liao. aiks. =X
music by me. =)

thinking of editing it. maybe when i have time laaa.. hmmm. cuz i know some of the words kinda stereotyped.

Monday, April 5, 2010

all in a day's work...

being a teacher is not as simple as just going to class...
telling the students to open their books...
and teaching them how to do their work.

well, least not for me. heh....

especially for Kindergarten level...
the job requirements will be something like this::

1. Teach. well, of course.... =.=

2. Babysit.
wait and take care of them when their parents are late...
feed them....
entertain them..
read stories to them..
help them open their bottles, packets of crisps...etc.

3. Be a part time maid.
clean up after them when they vomit, spill water, food, etc.
help them change, tie shoe laces, put on belt..
carry their bottles... pick up their jackets from the floor...

4. First Aid.
help them to bandage their cuts...
rub oil on their tummy when they have tummy ache.

5. Ability to do some basic art and craft.
folding paper

so today, i made some samples for this week's ECA.

animal jars.... hehee.. =)
elephant and doggie.

tired out.
had ballet as usual..extra long class today because it's TWO WEEKS till exam..

good night.


Friday, April 2, 2010

under the sea......

yesterday, i gave my class a project again.

drew these fish.....photocopied 10 copies. yes, i have 10 students.
and asked them to color..
then cut them out and stick them onto a piece of paper.
to make their own little "ocean".

gave each of them a set of fish, rocks, bubbles, and seaweed to color.
but what i forgot was...they don't know how to cut things out.
ohhhh goodness.
so i was cutting out lots and LOTS of fish yesterday. =X
10 kids' worth of fishies and rocks and BUBBLES!!!! gaaahhhhh.
hand was numb after that.

after finally cutting out everything.. gave them each a piece of paper and glue...
they decorated and created their own "ocean"... some of them were really nice.
hehee.. they proudly brought their 'oceans' home to show their parents.

this was my "ocean". =)
i did it the day before as a sample to show them.

resting in LC during lunch break..
my sweetheart accompanied me. =)
i was snoozing while he was......i don't know what he was doing.
walking around and talking to himself. lol.
love him lots.

today is Good Friday!!
holiday....woohooo. =D
told the kids about Jesus' crucifixion yesterday during mentoring...
at least they understood that Jesus died for all their "bad things they have done" (they didn't know what was 'sins'. lol)
and He didn't stay dead...but He 'became alive' again on Easter Sunday.

anyway, going to church later for Good Friday devotions.
thank you, Jesus...