Tuesday, March 31, 2009

let the war begin...

enfee liew..

i really dont know why you are so so free to come to my blog n scold those words la.

if you are mad at me...say face to face la!! what? dont dare is it?

you always call my friends childish??? look at yourself in the mirror, girl!!! dont you own one?

who is the childish one now oh!!!!

you have cross the line this time!

because of You..

i just got home from cell group...

Easter is approaching... so this week's cell group was special la.

we watched The Passion Of Christ... nice movie. touching.

watched it while eating popcorn, kitkat n juice...

if you havent watched this movie before..you MUST!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

my feet hurt..

i've just got home from ballet..
phew. so tiring..
we learnt some new steps today too. fun.. =)
today....work was very good.
the kids werent too badly behaved la.
although... when it was almsot time to go home..
Marcus and Kelvin came into the LC
and told us that they saw some works written on someone's locker.
they asked..."Teacher.... F....*....C...K... what does that mean?"
lol... they are so inccocent n cute.. but then it is sad that these little kids... so young and they are the ones that saw those words. haiz..
someone from the older class had vandelized another person's locker...
so we have to find out who it is.
why do they want to do that i just dont understand.
anyway..... quite tired now.
tomorrow, movie night at cell group! yay...
popcorn!! hehe....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank You Dinner..


tonight, we had a Thank You Dinner to thank our teachers for helping us with our SPM last year.

the preparation started at 4.30pm.... i made wantons. lol... nice lor. =P and Bryan and Kah Yee came... we cut our the vege.... and the meat =S we had no idea how to cut the piece of pork. lol...

then Jack and Jojo arrived with the drinks... we set the table....n set up the steamboat!! haha..

yes, our dinner was home steam boat! nice nice...

we had joined two tables and one steamboat pot on each table.

finally our dear Madams and one Sir arrived. we all sat down...and started to eat lor. hehe... we shared one steamboat....and the teachers had their own. lol..

so so nice..and we ate till we were so full! we had so much "liao"... we had noodles, "dun fun", tao ge, tomota, green vege, kangkung, tofu, sotong balls, fisk cakes, egg rolls (cun gen), pork, wanton, hotdog, crabsticks, fishegg roll,.......etc.

wah.... then after dinner, had egg tarts, and chocolate (Ferrero and Lindts) for desert...

we also had to wash up. SO MUCH to wash oh.. wahh... so many plates...and pots...bowls.... wash for like 10 minutes lor i think!

then we just spent time talking while eating chocolates.. laughed so much.

what a great night. every time i spend time with my old SPM gang i have so much fun. always laugh alot and eat alot. =P

will miss you all so much...


Saturday, March 28, 2009

EARTH HOUR (part2)

i totally support KL on his view's about EARTH HOUR. it's true.... sure, we all want to join in Earth Hour.. it's fun.. it's cool. but then,....tomorrow, or the next day...we are wasting electricity like anything!

ngam ngam just now...i wanted to go shower. so i turned on my bathroom light lor. then rach smsed me to go on9 for a while to chat to her. so i sat down and chat to her. totally forgot about my bathroom light that was ON!

i didnt even realize..till i thought of KL...and his blog. lol... so i quickly went and off my light since i'm not going to shower yet. see people, this is the way we waste electricity. eventhough we may not mean to...but sometimes, we just tend to forget. we leave the fan or aircon on....the lights.

so later tonight..Earth Hour. yeah...join in, please do!! but tomorrow..and the day after that...please continue to save electricity!! ok? =)

go KL!! u inspire me.. kekekkk...

you can read more at KL's blog or by pressing the link above there... =)

Friday, March 27, 2009

my day...

friday.. had PE today.
brought the kids to the playground again. they had fun.. =)
then...after break, alot of them finished their work early. so we let them play at the classrooms lo.
we played with FUN CLAY. haha.. it's like playdough.
i still prefer playdough, though..much softer n more colors. =S
call me childish.. whatever!
anyways...so i played with the kids. had to keep them company..
it's fun though...being with them. i feel so much younger! hahahha.. cuz they include me in their games. lol. especially their imagine games... they played catch today.. and they brought their prisoners to the queen (me..LOL).. i was like...o.....kay...... but i just sat there n they were all around me talking n shouting.. sigh.
it's so hard being a queen..lol =P
and they also played 'hotel'..indianna was the Hotel Manager.
she was telling her "workers" what to do..
and she even showed me where the hotel toilet was. =S gosh... she is a high D girl.
anyways..here's some pics. =D
i know you know babes.... love y'all!!!
just a random face.. haha.


roses... =)


the kids.... random pics.

Marcus made me a ring.. =.=
Pink Panther ring wahh... LOL

welcome to...
hotel for dinosaurs.. =S

these kids are really funny. they even had "food" for the guests..
snails.. =S
i guess dinos eat everyth... ?
after fang gung...had staff meeting..
then came home lor.
night...had pakuteh for dinner. nice.
and daddy gave me a bar of choc for snack!! hahahahhaha..
so happy. it made my day...well...night actually. =D
and of course...i gobbled it immediately. wakakkaka....


People... EARTH HOUR...tomorrow..JOIN!
turn off your lights...
save our world. =D
"And as we lie beneath the stars,
We realize how small we are.
If they could love like you and me,
Imagine what the world could be.

Singing Amen, I'm alive
Singing Amen, I'm alive

If everyone cared, and nobody cried,
If everyone loved and nobody died..
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride,
We'd see the day when nobody died."

Nickelback, If Everyone Cared.
care for our world people...!!!
turn off your lights..
sleep early... ? teehee...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i reached chocolate heaven.. lol

haha... after posting my previous post...i went and tried out the recipe. it worked! lol...

kekekk.. fat lor, sarah. lol...

i promise..i will exercise again.....soon. =D
al the ingredients in the mug.. not yet cooked.
cooked! yay! hehe.... my afternoon tea. =)

5 mins... choc heaven!

"There is no problem so great
that prayer and chocolate
cant solve.."
i post this specially for all those chocolate lovers out there... and especially for my darling rach and lui and nat. =P

how to reach chocolate heaven in just 5 minutes!!

forget about cuppy cakes.... here's a recipe for a 5 minute chocolate MUG cake. lol.

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
a small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well.
Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high).
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

last and most important step.... EAT!! (can serve two....if you're generous.... as if!! )

right now..

just got home...

drinking milo. =) today, i ate noodles during break time and fruit for lunch..i was trying to eat less...but in the end..i went down to buy TWO hotdog buns at about 2pm. =S rach...need help here. how on earth do you control o?? gosh. i just LOVE food.

anyways... today was good. got a surprise too! hehe... oh and that reminds me, lui..where's my "surprise" o?? =(

yay.. finally seeing rach tonight. woohoo....

cant wait for sunday. yay yay yay....

and i read this quote from someone's blog profile, "i write this blog to express my feelings...and your approval is not needed"
hehe...cool. lol....

"When you see my face,
Hope it gives you hell
hope it gives you hell..."
i know you cant stand to look at me...
i know you dont dare to stand next to me. =P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



i finally exercised today. haha... i can feel my fats flying away. lol...

yippee.. soon all the darling gang will be all fit n toned n HOT! =P

cant wait to see you rach.. teehee..got something to tell you. lol.

that's all for today la.. nothing much to blog about right now.

o.O someone's turning 21 tomorrow's tomorrow!.. kekekekkk..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

how low can you go


i promised myself i would not wage cyber war. but i just cant stand it anymore. =S

see...there's this girl (let's call her A) . and she likes this guy (B). the guy used to like her..but now he aint interested see.

but she (A) still there perasan n thinks that he still like her. dont you just hate girls like tht? =.=

well the story goes on...

this guy...was sitting next to another girl in class (we'll call her C) . so A got all freakishly jealous n stuff. and lied to the teachers and said that C likes B and B likes C too..so they CANT sit together. are you following me? lol..

which is totally NOT true.. because C does NOT like B.. and B does NOT like C. but yet...cuz A is so so jealous n perasan...so she lied. man..how low do you have to go!!

and today... she got so pised off at B...poor boy. and scolded him and said she wanted to punch him. =.= all just cuz he doesnt like her anymore? MY GOODNES!!!!!!

get over yourself. you're not that great.....although u may be very BIG. =P rach...please stop laughing!!

anyways...im just very PO-ed.. why on earth do you have to go around lying to teachers....you're a prefect for goodness sake!! some hypocrite you are!! and just cuz your....JEALOUS??!?!??!?!?!

get over it! and stop lying to everyone just to get your way. besides...you have no right to be jealous and angry. people dont like you anymore..so what? people can change who they crush on whenever they want!! you dont own him! goshh....

so today me n B were laughing our heads off at the way A reactted.. so so typical. so so predictable.

sigh sigh sigh.

anyways...i posted this just to make rach laugh for a while. kekekek... you know who im talking about. =P

p/s i didnt post names here...because i know if i did...A would be so embarrasses. although i would get pleasure from it..but no. i will be kind....JUST THIS ONCE!!! =P

night, people..

24th Mar

my day...

was a normal working day. the kids seemed to be very noty today. dont know why. grr..

i've just got home from cell grp. hehe...fun fun fun. we had pot bless and we ate so so much! i brought cuppycakes..... no pictures. cuz i dont want to tempt rach. =P we also had icecream, noodles, poh piah, nuggets, n hotdogs. yumms.....

before cell grp...i had dinner with roy n family. we ate peking duck. gosh...so so nice! was so full..then terus went cell grp and ate again! lol.

i still feel full from all the food i ate today.... not sure how to sleep la later. =S

omg omg omg... rach!! i am about to explode oh. i cant stop laughing.. =P and rach!!!! i got something to tell you. lol...

goodnight... sweet dreams all. =)

sarah has............to...............exercise!!!! uhhh........faints.

Monday, March 23, 2009


just came home from ballet....

ever since thursday night...i am craving tiny pearls from room25. so today afetr ballet, i drove by and bought a cup. the guy was like..one cup is enough? because i think i seemed really desperate. haha...

hmm...havent updated for a few days. well..saturday...well it was crazy!! dont ask me why. =P

hmm..sunday? had McD for lunch... yumms. then went out for dinner to Nishiki to celebrate mom's birthday.

today....normal working day lor. hehe.... rach n lui...OMG!!!!! i still cant top laughing.. gosh.

anyways...will update again tomorrow. going out for dinner with roy roy tomorrow! yay... long time didnt see him liao.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

yumm yumm..

thursday afternoon. very tired after swimming...so i wanted to go off9 and sleep for a while...

mana tahu..RACh is on9!! finally...can cht to her.. lol

i was chatting to darling rach.... and i dont know how...and i dont know why... but we started to talk about our favorite subject.

FOOD!!! haha...

so i got very very hungry... we were drooling just thinking about food.

so i went downstairs.. opened my fridge. hmm...still got left over roast chicken from last night. cool.

so i made a sandwich... roast chicken sandwich with mayo. omg the best sandwich ever! haha.. maybe cuz im so hungry la..

teehee... now rach has gone to make cheezy wedges. lol.

the best way to slimness is by eating healthy foods. right? kekekekkk...


waaahhh... just got back from river/waterfall.

the rest of our SPM results have finally come!!

trembling fingers.....open envelope.... AHHH!!!! faints..

no la! haha..i didnt faint. i just tore the envelope open and read the paper.
no matter how long you procastinate..the result also same what. =.=

omg omg omg..

im not gonna tell you my results. =P if you wana know you got to ask me yourself. hahahaha.. bt im very happy with it la. although i know cikgu donald is gonna cry. wakakkaka.. cuz we ALL failed Sej. lol... but at least PM got good results la. haha..

finally..the waiting is over. we can celebrate...AGAIN!!



today, i went to the waterfalls to swim and play..
went with the Lo's...including Joel.
was so so fun!!
first we went to a one of the pools to play. the water was freezing ehh.
took us a long time to adjust.
then...we saw these two malay dudes jumping off one of the cliffs.
we thought....cool! so first, the boys went to try first. scary la to me..
then after that, dave forced me to try.
it was very fun acctually. haha... the water was very deep so didnt hit any rocks la.
even little Becca jumped off once. hahaha..
then...after a while, got tired and hungry!
so we ate our sandwiches and snacks.
then....after sunbathing for a while, we went to sit in the waterfall. note: in not under!
man it was freezing inside! but it was such a big cave in there... lol
then....we decided to build a dam.
while looking for big big rocks.....guess what i saw!! a vampire!!!!!!!
no la. =P i saw a leech...leech..vampire..u get it right?
hmm..guess you dont.
but i bet rach would have loved to see a real vampire..wouldnt u? blekk.
but i've never seen a leech before. aiks... so creepy.
we played in the water a bit more,
ate more snacks..
then finally, we started to pack up and go home at about 1pm.
here's some pic... hehe.
not many i know..because my phone didnt have battery and we were too busy playing.
and no...no SS pics of me. haha... was too lazy. =P
can u see our dam there? haha... the boys, eating snacks...
dave.. kekekke... curi curi took this pic while he sunbathing.

yes....we all fit into that cave.. believe it! it was huge under there i tell u.. you could hide.
haha.. but it was freezing cold..and the water was so loud that we cant even hear each other.
fun...cool. although kinda creepy cuz u dont know what creepy crawly things are lurking in the dark cave behind u. =S
haha..never sat inside a waterfall before.
jumping off the cliff. wakakkaa..i did it too!
proud of myself. lol...
cuz normally im too chicken to do stuffs like that.
the guy in the red circle is sam lo. lol

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



today.. SPM result finally came!!!...........but only for TWO of us. goshh...
the four of us....still dont know how we did. grrr... so annoying to not know things right?

today finally the office got two envelopes for ASAA....but in the end only was for Jo, and Bry... i was like...WHAT! i went and check check check. but no other letters for ASAA. oh man.

so tonight, they all came over for dinner. i cooked eveything. =P kekeke.. roast chicken, cheezy wedges, cheese cauliflower, and soup! =D

the both of them open their envelopes... Bryan was trembling. haha. i was so so excited eventhough it wasnt my result.

sigh. me, Ang, KY, n Jye still still STILL waiting for our results to come! why so weird de neh? why the two of them got it first but not us? hmmm...
anyways...going to check again at the office tomorrow. =D the staff probably think that im SO annnoying. lol. they said no more letter..but i still went and check and look through everything. haha...

dinner was great. as usual...we had so many funny things to talk about. and just catching up how the others was doing was nice too.

after a very very full dinner... they still wanted to go out yam cha. =.=

so we went to Room25. the bubble tea was so so good. im never going back to yoyo again. blekk. so we talked....very loudly. =S we laughed... we drank... then we went home.

sigh. cant wait till our results come out oh!! cant wait cant wait. then we can have another gathering!! wakakakka.. i love hanging out with them. their my good friends. so fun to be with them.. we all just seem to click very well and can accept each other. of course we do have arguements sometimes...but in the end also laughing de. haha.. will miss them so so much. sniffs.... =(

that's all for tonight, people!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"you are my angel... you are my saving grace"
yes guys, i am normal.. i am a teenager who is rebellious...
and sometimes has feeling like "man...i just wana run away.."
sure...those are the times we are irrational n stupid.
alot of my friends also have come to me and tell me that they want to run away..
they wish their parents would just leave them alone.
funny. i am just like that too.
i guess that's why we can relate so well..
i guess that's why we are such good friends.
the most amazing thing is..last year, one of my friends...told me..
"if you wana run away...ok. but first, pay back to your parents all that they have given and done for you. can you do that? if you can,....then only you can run away."
i was like..."woah..............................................speechless"
true i guess...
i know how you feel, girl. i'm going through it too.
that's why i'll be here supporting you always.
this is dedicated to N.... i know you find you're parents always scold you and stuff... i know how it feels, trust me. i know you feel your parents very annoying. im glad when you feel lik that, you always call me..im glad i can be there for you, just like you're there for me when im sad.
thanks dave too... =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

la la la..

today was a boring day.
i stayed home to jaga the workers... they're doing our floors... polishing, etc.
i just online the whole morning.. ate lunch...
watched tv... ate wedges (previous psot)...
went online again..
did some art...
went online..
you get the picture.
then........at about 4.30...i was very very sleepy. so i went for a nap lor..
woke up at 5.30...time to go to ballet. but i was lazy!! i lay there..thinking...to go or not to go?
well....i went. haha...
tiring tiring ballet...but very funny too. the teacher is hilarious..
after ballet...went to City Mall Giant to buy some groceries..... i was still wearing my tights and ballet stuff.... of course got tshirt and shorts on top la.. but stil....you could tell i just came from ballet...my hair was all pinned back n all that. whatever,..i didnt really mind all the people staring. =P
got home....ate maggi mee for dinner.. teehee...
took a long shower...

hmmm... cant wait till wednesday night. we're going to have a special dinner! haha..miss you all...KY, Bry, Jye, Jo, Ang...... wakakakka.

cheezy wedges...

i got hungry this afternoon..
so guess what...
i went to find something to eat.
hmm...was in the mood for something salty and cheesy...
nothing to eat. darn.
walked by some potatoes... lol
and i made...cheesy wedges!!
i cut them up.. baked them... added cheese..
baked some more..
tada... cheesy wedges! yumms.
and i added tobasco.. =D cuz i like it HOT!
go ahead....drool!!

it took 30 minute to make/cook...
and only not more than 10 minutes to gobble up!!
ok people.. you can stop drooling into your keyboard now...
especially you, rach! =P

Sunday, March 15, 2009

puppy search..

our dog Rusty is getting old...
he's 7 dog years old this year...and that means 49 in human years!
so we are looking for a new puppy...
i want a golden retriever! but since we keep our dogs outside...so cant cuz it's too hot.
so mom said golden labrador stil ok la...
so...im looking for one!
any of you selling or your labrador have babies...tell me!!
"adopt me, sarah.....adopt me!!"
arrghh....i want a puppy. lol

awww..isnt it cute???

if not a labrador..then i want a dalmation! =D


.c'm on!....who on earth doesnt love dalmations?? hahaha... =P



puppy love.

la manila and starbucks..

no....i dont always post about food..
but hey, a girl has to eat, right? =P
except you!..cuz you're so fat. =X
rach...i know what you're thinking, "sarah...behave!"

anyways,...today went out with joel, sam, dave, deb, josh, kristen, nat, winston. sam wong, elaine..
ate lunch at warisan.. then went to CP to see if got any nice movies to watch.
decided to just walk around...
then went to starbucks for an hour or so...just hanging out and being crazy.
had fun.
walked back to church....now just got home lor.
hmmm... i want to go river!!

i want to go make dresses.
haha...wierd huh? i just have a feeling like want to go make tailor made dress bahh.. a pink and a black one.
i already drew the designs. heheh...
one for my 18th birthday... =P
and well...just to wear la. to look hot. XD

i know i know...we are hot aint we?
rach...let's go make someone jealous... =D


" Vun girls dont need to go fishing in the pond..
When they walk past,
all the fish will jump out."
Uncle William.
i know some of you dont get it...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

last day of term..


today was a pretty busy day for me. all the students were finishing off their tests... but aftre that...they just played games so it was not so bad.

hmm..tired oh today. cant seem to keep my eyes open. i slept so early last night! the earlier i sleep..the more tired i am...why ah??

yesterday afternoon i also came home early from work. hmmm...just watched movie the whole afternoon. =) and of course ate snacks....cupcakes, cookies, keropok. wahahhahahhh... i just wished my darling were there. movie marathon!! sucks to watch movies on your own..no one to laugh and get crazy with...and cry with. lol.

hmmm hmmm.. im going to rest lor. will post somemore another day...if anything happens la. sigh.

bye bye.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


sorry that this post is a few days late..
didnt have time to online the past few days..
Monday: Darlings' Food Day.
we made cookies and cupcakes. =)
cookies...1 2 3
just rolled and cut out...
in the oven...
golden brown...
mini cupcakes.... =)
time to decorate them... yumm. frosting!
blue food coloring does this.... LOL
little heart cake.... pink frosting of course! tee hee....
after alot of hard work and laughs....
strawberry, blue, choc, and white...
hehe..... nice lerr... =P
we didnt know what to do with the left over frosting so......... yeah.
we ate it till we were sick of it. =S
our SS pics....
portrait.... lol
no where else to SS so ended up on the floor..... love this pic.
Darlings For Life.

it was a great day...

full of laughs of course!! and food food food. haha...

you can go to rach or nat or lui's blogs to see more more more pics.. haha.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Casual Night... Sleepover..



went to Casual Night just now.. was quite fun. had alot of laughs...especially after it was over. talked to josh, deb, sam, dave, leo, lui.... about many many thgs. =P

went out for yam cha with cikgu ivy, hirai them la....

came home.. walked a while.............

not sure whether we will sleep tonight o not.

rach...i miss you. =(


see you guys tomorrow...FOOD DAY!!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

bowling + dinner

Saturday Night.
went out with Bryan, Kah Yee, Jack, Jojo..
we went to 1B..
walked around and looked at some furniture shops, lighting shops... dont know why la. lol
older liao bah...start to interest in such thgs. hahahah..
went to gift shops...to see all the cute plushies.. and puzzle shop.
saw a SNAKE! white and yellow phyton. aikss... didnt dare to touch...but kah yee touch it la.
then played bowling... i suck at it. =X
saw a poster advertising Dog Show..
so went to see...
yee yerr!! i want the cute black poodle!!!
saw Golen Retriver, Husky, Beagle (Snoopy), and Hush Puppy dog...
then went to eat dinner at McD... double cheese burger plain! =D
then...we went to explore our childhood memories in ToysRUs.. lol.
seriously...we had fun in there.. playing with all the toys.
i guess we aren't that old after all.. =)
walked around and went to MiniToons for candy.
Bryan sent us girls home.. thank you!

had so much fun... always have fun with them de..
island trip next?? hmmm.... sleep under the starry sky..?
sarah cant wait till tomorrow. =D sleepover!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

twilight.. grrr...

i DO read BOOKS...
i am a freaking twilight fan.
finally finished reading the last book, Breaking Dawn. hmmm..fav was the 3rd la.
arrghh...me and rach waiting for the 5th book to be published!!

second twilight movie to be out one day before darling rach's bday!
we HAVE to watch it! hahaha..
"the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest..."

sarah is bored.

me and him

my boss... hahahhaa...
so tiring to jaga this lil dude.
buy ice cream also want to pull me to go with him...to count money! =.=
and always asks me to tie his shoelaces! LOL
adorable. yes. totally.
super active too! aiyoo....
love him... haha.
so so handsome oh him! kan? kan?? =P
got a 'bad boy' look.. when he grows up he'll sure be a ladies man.
i love his hair...so 'fon'. =P

oh well...was bored. so decided to post another pic la.

sarah is busy planning monday's activities!! grrr....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

too attached..? too late...

the joys of being a teacher... =) sigh.
i nearly cried...seriously!!
*the pic with the 3 girls..im the middle one. lol.*
my mentoring.... thy are so so hyperactive!! i get tired just watching them...
but i love them...ALL.
kelvin and marcus. my two bodyguards. =S
i cant even go to toilet without them asking "where you going oh, teacher!!!"
today, made some paper stuffs for them...
this brings back memories... dont you think? =P
unless you all were brought up in those homes where you NEVER played with paper boats and had races!! insane!! kids these days.. lol

sarah is getting a little too attached... =(

Wednesday, March 4, 2009



that's all i can say... =S

tired......dont even have enough energy to stay up to read my fav book.

but cant wait till saturday. =) i miss you guys!

darlings...cupcakes? sleepover? =D rach....need to talk to you. hahahha... miss ya.

sarah is glad she has real friends...who always support her no matter what. =)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sarah made cupcakes...

guess what people...
i got bored in the afternoon....so i made cupcakes!! =D
hehe.. freshly baked cupcakes.
still warm from the oven..
S for Sarah...
chocolate frosting...!!
hehe.. rach...i know you're drooling.
mmm mmm!!
so nice..
rach..i promise i wil make some for you soon k?

hehe......happy after eating cupcakes!
*must exercise!!*
sarah has found a new hobby....cupcake making.. =P