Thursday, December 31, 2009

last sunrise of 2009.

i watched the last sunrise of 2009.

very few of us actually bother to watch the sunrise..
"the sun rises everyday... what's so special about it?"
or we are just too busy to watch it..
and most of us prefer sunsets.

anyway, i watched the sun rise from my room.
it's easy for me.. i can just sit in bed and watch it. 
=D comfy.

and there it is...
the last sunrise of 2009!!

after watching the sun rise.. 
i went back to sleep.

a new year is coming......

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the 6th day of Christmas.. =D

i am still receiving Christmas presents.
=D i love presents. 

charm necklace from Kristen. 
thanks, girl. like it alot.

and....a special delivery from England. 
didn't expect it...but appreciate and love it so much.

perfume:: 'Just Pink'..
and a little pillow.
love it!! 
i will love practically anything that is pink! haha..
thanks so much!! 
really like the presents. =)


Movie Night:: Sherlock Holmes

went to watch a late movie tonight with family + Sam and Dave.

met so many people we know at 1 Borneo!
first...saw Sophia and her bro. they were watching movie with their friends.
then, saw EnEn, MeiMei and Ken... also watching movie.
and also saw nelson lee, Kenny, Yvonne, and LD.

the movie was nice.
i really enjoyed it.
very interesting....

Sherlock Holmes is so smart. haha.

woahh... it's late.
got to go sleep. =)

for once...Kuan is asleep before me! pig pig pig.
i know because i just chat with Hao.
HAHA!!! =P

good night.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Staff Dinner @ Hyatt.

last night we had a dinner at Hyatt for all the ASC staff.
it was a buffet.... so..........we ate so much!!

this was Dave's FIRST round. =X
i ate alot.
i went for like 5 rounds... excluding dessert. 
but small plates la memang. =.=
not like dave. haha...

my favorites were the cheese nan...
and the DIY ice kacang.
had two bowls of that!

after eating...we chat for a while.
and took some photos.
Rai Rai was helping us take photo... and becca snapped it too.
before going home, took one last breadstick. hehe..

enjoyable dinner.


Eloise's Birthday.. (26 Dec)

Eloise turned 16 the day after Christmas.

we went to her house for her party.
so much food!
pizza, KFC,.... goodness.
i was so full.
about 25 people there.
what did we do?
jamming...... she has guitars and a drum set.
and for those who cant play the guitar or drums??
there's always Guitar Hero, Rock Band and American Idol!! =P
very fun playing American Idol with them. haha...

the birthday girl... =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas Day..!

woke up early this morning.
no....not to peak at the presents under the tree..
..but to go to church! =)
i was quite tired because of last night's late service..
but our Christmas Service was good.
i liked the dance that the lil kids did. 

after service, we all came home
and as usual.......
we all opened presents together, and took family photos.
our family tradition, forever.
Pap's present from the three of us. 
haha..... he chose it himself.
Pap's pressie for Sam.
ori MU shirt.
all my pressies from my family.
=D happy happy.

Andrew got this shirt from me...
and a tie from Mom.
and weights from Pap..

after all our presents were opened..
Andrew and I went to fetch Uncle George and Aunty Mimi from the airport.
came home, and ate our Christmas lunch.
Roast ham, baked potatoes, eggs, bread, and cheese vegetables.

it was a great Christmas.
hope the rest of you had as good a day as me. 


Sarah's Christmas Eve, 2009.

i made cookies this morning. 

and i iced them and packed them. ready to give out at service tonight.

Jia Ling is back in town!

she came for Christmas Eve lunch today... =D

we had turkey again... thanks, HSBC! 

then after lunch, Jia Ling, my brothers and I went shopping.

i bought a dress....and nail polish... 

then i came home and painted my nails. =D

pink undercoat..with blue and silver sparkles on top! yay...i love sparkles. 

Christmas Eve service at ASCath!

i went early to help the kids in the drama with their make up.

these sheep are adorable.
playing nintendo DS! haha..

the service was so enjoyable. 

i really enjoyed the Nativity Play. 

and enjoyed chatting with friends after service too...

it's past 12, so....




Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cell Group Party..

tonight, Mom's cell group had a Christmas Party.
about 50++ people came to our house.

there was SO MUCH food.
but i only ate mom's spaghetti, and the lamb and the baked potatoes.
the roast lamb was super delicious!
from The Hut.
and i loved the chocolate cake!
dont need to worry about all the calories during this season. =P

we also sang Christmas carols..
and played some games.

tired oh!
this morning went to school to work...
and went shopping in the afternoon.

going to sleep now.
Christmas is in two days! =D