Tuesday, June 30, 2009

pictures... Hove-Brighton-London.

in church.. the night service. 28/6
us again...
backyard 29/6
with the twins..
johnny, kat, sa, ben
SS pula...
forgot to rotate.
rindu darlings-nya...
the leng zai gogo...
Chris and Aunty Anna.
poppy field...
went up to Devil's Dike.
magnificent view..
dog: "crazy asians...."
the Devil's Dike!
there is a legend about it but i wont tell it here la..
they say if you hold a buttercup under your chin, and it your chin shines yellow, means you like butter!
at the pub on top of Devil's Dike.
went to a restaurant called Bills for lunch.
also sells vege and fruits and bread and cheese....
double thumbs up for food..
my summer berry smoothie.
i had Bills breakfast..for lunch!
sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast.
after lunch.. we walked arond the small town of Lewes for a while..
went to this old bookshop..
bought this OLD book...
it is more than 100 years old.
Hove station... catching train back to London.
homeless person slping...
when we were nearly reaching london...
these 4 chinese came on the train (3 girls 1 boy) and sat nest to us.
they were from taiwan..cuz the way they speak.
anyways.. so i listen to their conver lor.
first they said wana go eat fried chicken and burger for dinner!
then... cuz they were wearing jackets.. on such a hot day!! the girls said they didnt want to take it off cuz they didnt wana get tan. hehe.. funny.
then they admired the guy cuz he was so kind to bring them around... and they said he is kind..smart...cant cook tho...lol.
then they said one of their friends...vikki...wil be good match for him. =.=
cuz she is gentle and can cook. funny funny.
and one girl kept touching my pink luggage cuz she thought it was so nice.
they obviously didnt think i could understand chinese.
reached london...
walked back to the Tomlins' house.
about 1000 steps from Putney Bridge station.
yes, i counted!
me and carrie their dog.
pressie from the moons... =)
love it.
glass bead bracelet from venice.
well that's all for today.
will update again tomorrow or tonight...

29 june... continued.

oh kayy.........

we have just had dinner... chicken, potatoes, vege.

and talked over some nice toffee pudding. yumms!

then went into the garden to take pics... but i havent got them yet so i will upload them tomorrow k?

love y'all.................

aww rach..where are you!!!!!!!!!!!
lui... starting school already hor. miss you. give my bao beis hugs please!!!
betty... SMILE =)

updates in england... 27-29 june

june 27th

i went out with my mom to her CU (Christian Union, it is like ISCF...except is in college) reunion.... from morning till evening. 10 hours! plus....there were no KIDS... so only me.. the young one. =S but at least i could go online for two hours so rach chat to me....that was comforting la. heee... we chat about alot..plus were able to plan our DFL shoot. =))

got home at nearly 10pm...so i just showered and watch Mr and Mrs Smith with Sian....till quite late then i showered and slept.

rach...this is the aunty i was talking to while chatting to you. =.=


28 June::

went to All Souls Church. yes, Anglican Church! so glad.... it is like 7.30am service except a bit less formal la. the pastor doesnt wear robes or what. but it was good cuz in the service we sang songs that i knew! wow...even sang "Blessed be Your Name..(In the land that is plentiful)"

really enjoyed that service....really felt like at home. sigh.

after church....went to train station to catch a train to Hove. reached Hove at 3.20pm.. my Godma Anna picked us up.

went to their night service too... it was nice too cuz almost all the songs they sang i also knew.

Regent Street...

main shopping street

29 june::

after breakfast, we sent Kat to her college... then Aunty Anna brought us shopping. we walked through alot of Brighton. stopped for coffee at Pret....then just walked to the next door shop for lunch.

and even went to the pier. the pier was so nice.. at the end there were rides.. roller coaster, haunted house, merry-go-round, etc. and i saw a fried noodles shop....japanese one. i was craving for ASIAN FOOD!! so i HAD to buy some. hehe....

then went to the mall to shop some more.... bought some cream for my lip allergy.

and i FINALLY found bikinis for them!!! oh yes.. finally!! hehe... cuz we went into alot of shops... but the last one was cheapest.. about 10 and 11 pounds each set so it was good.

and and and...!!! rach is gonna be happy. i bought those hippie headbands. yeah rach..black.

it is banana and toffee dessert. nice!

Mom and Aunty Anna in front of the peir...

the rides...

i just HAD to get some... heee...

does this look familiar, jon?? =P

the gorgeous pebble beach...
trying to find the right size for them...

summer sales have started!!!!!!!

cream for allergies...

hippie headband...

rach this is yours...

Kat picking raspberries...


going back to London tomorrow.
flying home in 4 days!
missing you all babes......