Saturday, October 31, 2009

movie day & yoyo...

went to watch movie with friends.
Michael Jackson :: This Is It.

it was SO NICE! i loved it..
so many effects..and i enjoyed the dance routines!
it was just so awesome. 

then went to church for the confirmation service.

after confirmation service...
we went to Tong Hing.. and dad offered to send me to buy 
milky tea!! 
hahahhahaha.. happy. 
one week liao didnt drink it. 

satisfied. =)

good night.

tomorrow is Sunday! 


Friday, October 30, 2009

friday excitement.

we brought the kids to see
Mdm. N's baby today.
just born a few days ago.

the whole class was so excited.
it's as if it's their baby too. haha...

they didnt even want to leave.... just sat there and look at the baby.
klein, kelvin...
and the baby.

must take more pics before doing braces!!
next thursday oh!

going to watch tv.
rach......i need choc!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

an eventful afternoon at the dentist..

went to the dentist today....
normally, i hate going to the dentist.
it's so scary to hear the drills. 

but today was fine.
just took an impression of our teeth.
next week...the pain will start!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

x-rays and fluffy pens..

Indi has been absent from school for two days.
she was sick.
today....she came to school....with a huge bag of presents for all of us!
so during mentoring time, she gave us all, yes, including the teachers,
some pens. haha... 
so cute....sick for two days and comes back with presents.

and i went for x-rays with kuan.
this is him getting an x-ray. hahahah..
we had to take two. =X
tomorrow going for assessment again.

cell group is back to normal again!!
the Lo's are back..
we went to Central Plaza to yam cha just now.



Monday, October 26, 2009

Sarah's lullaby. =P

after wedding dinner...
skyped with Hao Hao...
we were quite bored. nothing to do.

he sang songs for me. haha.. then Kuan joined in.
spoiler... =P
here they're singing...I'm Officially Missing You.
he solo-ed "Think Im Falling For You"
then they duet....and sang: "Sarah, you're getting older."
no la..actually it's called Here we go Again.

then Hao sang I Believe. of my fav chinese songs. 

now they're jsut making up songs... about me.
so mean. =P
called "when i go to _____ (fill in the blanks) i see Sarah"
part of the song...::
"Why do you always appear in my life? i always feel you're stalking both of us!
get a life!!!!"


love 'em both.
my little brothers..... yes, cuz kuan is too childish liao.
wakakka. kidding. =D

good night.
i can sleep now.... =)


hao, i want my song produced and on CD woh.

wedding and dinner.

Grandma May got married today.

so took some time off work to go to the wedding.
aren't they sweet?
then at night went to the wedding dinner.
glad to be able to talk to kristen.
missed her alot... =)
Denise and Kaeden.
Kristen and I
he's so adorable!!

what a happy day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Matt's birthday party... and swings! =D

went to Matt's birthday party.
he's a student at ASAA... one of my breakfast buddies.
my fellow Sarah was there.
sarah lyn & vun.
taking pics of myself while they were playing...
make a wish...
blow the candles....
it was a chocolate mousse cake!!
after eating...
and playing.... well, they played i watched. 

...some of us went to the park.
i LOVE playgrounds... really.

up up and away....
running through the swingers..... 
an 18 year old on the swings. =P
it's fun. i dont care what you think.
pic of the day!!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

"My Story #3" @ Halo Cafe....

kuan and i went to Halo Cafe to watch Jon's 
My Story #3.
first up was Kevin Tan....
JT accompanied him on the guitar..
sang "I'm Yours"
and "Love me Tender"...
we got ordered some food.
he got chilli sauce.
i got fries. =P

this is a band called WORM.
Rai and Vek..
this cute little boy. haha..
the band was playing rock music..and he was closing his ears. 

4AG.....with joanne funk.
the last band. 
we left at 10pm..
although it hadnt finished yet..
had to go to church to pick up andrew and hao.
then kuan sent us home.

fun night.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

photos.... =D

my favorite picture for this week.. =P
taken by nat. hahaha..
lunch break...
took photos in the library.

yesterday, the teachers had their portraits taken for 
the school yearbook.
here's mine. 

taken by my lovely photographer:Sophia.


hide and seek..

in mentoring group...
we read I Corinthians 13:4....
fun discussion about love with the little ones.

then...after that...since it was still early...we played hide and seek.
cute hor?

the rest of the day was great.

after school...
went to Kara with mom..
we bought some HD... 
i bought one too. money lor. =S

but i love it!! already put lots of my pics and movies into it.

went to prac just now.
to accompany rach.
fun time.
rach me and elaine couldnt stop laughing...
about the "eye of love"

going to sleep lurrr.... xoxo

Monday, October 19, 2009

soup of the day.. joke of the YEAR

sipping my soup..
i cooked potato and leak soup. yummy yummy..
eating it now before i go to ballet. =)

feel so excited. 
been filling out application forms.
really hope i can get a place! praying everyday for it.
it is really my desire to go!! 
more than anything right now.... really. 

still laughing about the joke of the year.
between me and rach... =D
seriously funny. 

going to relax and enjoy my dinner now. =)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

lunch and a movie.. =)

it's a quiet saturday for me.

stayed home and enjoyed a delicious lunch!

yes..... my baked rice!
mmm mmmm..
cheesy, beefy, n steamy hot!
it was the best ever... haha.
so so yummy...
anyone want to order?
please dial 1300-88-sarahskitchen

and i ate the WHOLE dish of it.
wow...... =S

ate my lunch while watching Made of Honor.

now i'll go to exercise and rest. 
have to work off all that cheese that i ate.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jelly Beans =D


favorite flavors so far are...
Green Apple, 
Orange Sorbet,
Candy Floss,
Lemon Lime,..

i dont like Liquorice, Marshmallow, Cherry....

havent tried the rest yet..


rach...i'm waiting for my 1kg of you know what. =P


good night eveyone!!