Wednesday, September 29, 2010


yeah, people...


flying off to UK this friday... holiday? no! to study... >.< 
and also moving blog... =)
my new blog site to follow is 
so i won't be blogging here anymore. 

moving on to a whole new chapter of my life!
extremely excited!! heeeee.. XD


love y'all.... and thanks for following my blog so far. 

Sarah VSL 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

there shall be no tears this friday!


well..... i was supposed to fly away this Friday.
but things change.... =X
will only fly off on the 3rd of October. >.<

not sure to be happy or sad.
i have already packed all my clothes. =.=
now my flight is postponed.......i gotta take them out again! gahhh.. ma fan oh!
plus, everyone will be asking why am i still here. that's the most annoying part. gotta answer the same question a hundred times....................... zzzzzzz.... 

anyway, at least i have more time here. my tears can be pushed back 11 days. haha..

don't know why this is happening....but will just accept it and just go later lor. i'm sure there is a reason for everything.

Monday, September 20, 2010


leaving in 5 days.....!!!

starting to pack my stuff slowly everyday.

ahhh...all the essentials.
including...MILO! hehehehee... 
yes, i know UK is not a kampung kinda place...i'm sure you can buy Milo there..
but.......some stuff just taste better being "Made in Malaysia". XD 

packing packing packing.... 

stuffed full of clothes.. =S 
my luggage is already overweight....
still have to pack shoes....!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

DYAC 2010....

attended the Diocesan Young Adult Camp! 
at Kokol Prayer Summit. 

this is the view we wake up to every morning...
so beautiful!

sorry didn't take many pictures.... >.<

the sessions were good. 
and the games crazy!
played dodgeball and tele-match during the two days. 
managed to get closer to our team during those times. 
the food at DYAC was so yummy too.. hehe. best camp food so far. XP
other than that, spent free time playing and spending time with friends. 
huge rhino-beetle we found.. 

on the last night, we had Happy Hour.
everyone dressed up in formal dinner wear. 
danced and played some games..
waltz.... =)
group dance...

sunrise.... 18th Sept. 

finally back home.
enjoyed the camp so much..... 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

KLCC...and food food food!

well well well...
another day out in the city of KL today.
met up with Sam at KLCC. 
did not buy anything...except for make up and books. >.<
what a strange girl i am..
went for lunch at the food court.
Chicken Teppanyaki.. which was recommended by Rai Rai. 
very tasty oh...and healthy too cuz got alot of vege. XD

then we walked around KLCC.... to Kinokuniya. 
such a huge bookstore. so many novels to choose from! 
heeee... so many books by my fav authors::
Sophia K., Marian K., Rachel G., Nicholas S., etc....

walked some more around KLCC. 
then we decided it was time for dessert.
ice cream... enjoyed to the max! 

so we went home early.. at about 3.45pm....went to the LRT station.
train was SO full but we managed to squeezed into the train.

why not moving ah?



15 minutes later. 
the train is still not moving.
everyone in the train was hot and fidgety. starts to move.
but stops at the next station for about 10 minutes again!! 
=.= wth.
then ah.....i was supposed to get off at Masjid Jamek to change train mah.
mana tahu!!!!! they decided to skip my station n not stop at it. 
so i had to get off at the next stop, and wait for the train to go back to MJ. 
grrrrrrrr.... waited for 20 minutes then only the train came. 
sigh. headache.
finally sampai MJ station...then took another train back to PWTC.
finally reached home after 1 and 1/2 hour of traveling. 
normally the journey would only take about half an hour eh! 

at night, aunty n uncle brought me out to eat bak kut teh.
mmm..nice. =D

i am so ready to go home!!!

i wana go home.

cant wait for this weekend.. heee. XD

so much KL, so little time..

today, went out with Tim, Victor and Darren.

they brought me to Sungei Wang, Lot10 and Berjaya Times Square

well well..first stop was to eat la of course! 
for the first time,...i ate a pork burger. 
oh goodness it was awesome!! 
MUST MUST try.... 

i basically just tagged along with them.
today, the GUYS did the shopping not me. 
i did not have anything to followed them. 
we went to many many TOY shops. hehe... 
they bought...alot of toys. 
let's just say the amount they bought, can buy...hmmm....3 or 4 pairs of shoes. 

other than buying toys and eating.. what else did we do?
watch those crazy people riding the indoor roller coaster la of course. 
quite scary just standing underneath and watching the roller coaster zoom past over my head. =S 

it was raining very hard in KL by 3pm.... 
decided to go back to Lot10 to makan cendol. yumm yummm.... 
then back to Tim and Darren's house.
we all took short nap. haha... hunting for toys is no easy task ok.
we were all knocked out.

Sam arrived and we went out to a pasar Ramadan to buy FOOD.
yes, it was time to eat...again!!! XD 
brought the food back home. 
what a feast hor!
we had, chicken n beef satay, legor, lemang, martabak, chicken, and the dessert was a kuih-something...(forgot the name dy. =X) 
haha...we managed to sapu almost everything laa.. 
we were all so FULL! 

after dinner....Julian joined us. and picked up Grace.
went to the Curve to watch movie.

now, back home....

time for bed!! 
phew....... i have had a taste of KL all right. =D
and it tastes delicious.. hahahaha. 
had tons of fun today. lots of laughs and of course, great food. 

thanks for bringing me out, guys..


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


view from aunty's apartment. 

today seems like the slowest day ever! 
finally got my CAS number. so i went to do my visa today...
oh goodness...i got there...there were so many people! 
waited for 4 hours...and it still wasn't my turn!! =.=
finally, my number was called.
jumped up... but then they just quickly check my documents then sent me up to another floor.. another number. waited again. about 2 hours.... zzzzzzz.
finally handed up the forms and documents, then waited a while to do biometrics.
finally could go home.
what a long day. sat for 6 hours.... >.<
got out from the building, went to buy McD cuz i was starving...

glad to be back at aunty n uncle's house. 
resting now...

tomorrow going out! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kuala Lumpur....

well, i am at KL now.
will be stuck here for the whole week trying to get my visa done. >.<

what do i do here? alone......hmmm. maybe some solo shopping trips would be fun? it's mega sales right now! it's in my Malaysian blood to take every advantage of SALES. haha...

gotta find my way around this city though.... not familiar with KL at all and haven't been here in 6 years. dont know where to go.
but it's pretty exciting......staying a few days here by myself.
hoping to meet up with Ju, and bro when they are free too.

will update y'all soon! =D

miss you very much, CZH!
and rach...and nat...and elaine....and cynthia and dave and winston.....and the rest of you cellies! XD

cant wait to go back home. looking forward to DYAC! where will meet Rai Rai again... weee.

Friday, September 3, 2010

snapshots. updates.

and today was the last day of Term 3 in ASAA!
will miss working in ASAA so so much.. >.< 
took pics with my bao bei, Kelvin. 
almost two years working in ASAA...he's still my precious one. 
calls me his "first mommy" wah. =.= 
and i asked him what about his real mom?!??!
he said "oh..that is my 'zero' mommy."
cool. lol. 
hope he will grow up to be a good, handsome, and successful boy. 
even though he most probably wont remember me! =(
i will miss him ohhhh... 

preparations being made to go.
but some complications came up today. ARGHHH!! 
hope it all goes through... 
started to pack dy. heeee.. excited.

rach is back in KK! awesome.... cant wait to spend time with her for the last time before i go...
and a shoutout to Kuan who is gonna be celebrating his birthday in China tomorrow! haha... 
Happy Birthday, Kuan! XP

7 more days....till i see you again!...muktuk.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dinner at Nagisa.

last night, ASAA staff had a farwell/welcome dinner. =)
farewell for Mdm Salinah and I...and welcoming all the new staff.
we went to Nagisa, Hyatt Hotel.
the food was nice!
we had a very good time....full of laughter as usual.
also had speech time. haha...
will miss the staff team so much when I go.

ASAA Staff.....

VLC supervisors... enjoyed working with them so much.

with mom... =)

and finally, my teachers.....and now collegues. =D
Cikgu Donald - BM, Seajarah, Moral teacher.
Mdm Lily- supervisor while i was in DLC.
Mdm Soo - Supervisor... funny n outgoing teacher!
Cikgu Ivy - Form5 BM teacher... she rocks!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MERC field trip..

Yesterday, we brought the kids on a field trip.
we went to the Marine Ecology Research Center on Gayana island.

it was a really fun experience. 
learnt about the corals, and giant clams that the research center is breeding 
and putting back into the ocean.
they showed us their display room with different fish,
eels, corals, clams,...

then we even got to play with starfish and sea cucumbers! 
haha.... fun hor. =P a BIG seacucumber!

the kids even got the chance to plant corals.... 

after that, had a light snack then they brought us to the other side of the island 
to see the huge groupers...super big fish!

then back to Jesselton point....and back home!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Andrew turns 16...

today is Andrew's birthday!!..... 
he's 16 this year. 0.o

big boy lorrr.. hehee.... 


will definitely miss you very much... =)
just realized no one is gonna annoy me.....
or sing random songs to me.... 
awwwww......and i know you'll miss me. no one to send you to tuition. XP
love ya tons, little brother. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

good morning!

ahh....... Good Morning, people! =)
slept so well last night. feel so awake now.

today, lots of people are having exams....
ASAA is having their BM exam..
and Muk Tuk is having his finals..

will be praying for you guys to do well!

well, i'm off to work now. hehe..

p.s. RACH......i miss you. lol. will reply your mail later when i get home.

16 days..

She's coming back in 16 days......!!!

i miss her so so much...

cant wait to hang out, shop, sleepover, EAT, talk, LAUGH..........


Saturday, July 31, 2010

of pizza and polaroids..

ECA with the kids last week..
baking pizza bread. =)

Roy came back to KK for a few days...
went out to yam cha..
heee... XD
Elysia & me...

that's all folks... =D

will update again soon la.

tonight... 7.30pm
HOSANNA HALL, All Saint' Cathedral!
be there...... !!