Saturday, February 27, 2010

up the mountain we went.. sort of.

yesterday was a public holiday.
so we went up to the National Park to have a walk and lunch.

it took about one and a half hours to drive up there.
we stopped to take pictures by the road..... it was a nice clear day.
yes, that's the top of Mt. Kinabalu!

got to the National Park..
alot has changed since the last time i went there... which was about 8 years ago! with Roy and family. haha...
well, we had lunch at the restaurant. very nicely done up now. because Sutera privatized the National Park. so looks more "hotel-ish"...
after lunch.... we went to look at the small exhibition.
there were pictures of the park.... stuffed animals (like in the museums)...
insects.... etc.
and i saw.....A TIME CAPSULE!! lol. like in the movie Knowing (Nicolas Cage).
i didn't know Malaysia had one. hahahahaaaa.
one is to be opened in 2020..the other in 2050!

walked around the park a bit.....
didn't see much..or take much pictures.
then we drove to the long stretch where they sell alot of vege and fruit that place.

had fun. =)

night....first dinner for Alpha. the food was yummy... the teaching was funny too.
and the yam cha was delicious!! heheee.
Kuan n Hao slept over at our house.

and today......after work, went to dentist with the Cheow brothers.
=X pain once again. sigh.......

well, that's all.
good night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

power cut...and tid-bits.

tuesday night....
there was a power cut!!!

i was supposed to watch 90210 at 8pm...but no power. grrrrr..
God, is this a way of telling me i should have gone to prayer meeting? no laa..cant be.. or could it? =X

hmm... well, andrew and i went out to buy FOOD. =D
and also Yoyo. hehee.. thank goodness for Yoyo's fast service. was in and out of damai within three minutes!
then came home, and sat in the dark living room, drinking my Yoyo.

and after that.....we decided to go sit on our porch...watching the fire that was burning on the lawn.
finally at 9pm...the power came back!!

watched Ugly Betty while eating my sotong.

anyway, it's time to go to sleep......
PE with the kids tomorrow. =)
good night.


Friday, February 19, 2010

sleepover.. PSP!

stands for what?
Pam, Sarah, Persis.

well, this year, Pam and Persis came to KK for CNY!
happy.... so we went out and also had a sleepover.

on tuesday, Pam and i went out... we went to Warisan to shop.
we were supposed to go watch a movie but the plan didnt go thru.
after shopping.....relaxed at Starbucks for an hour or so.
just talking and laughing as usual.

got home...
then Pam came with me and family to go get our new dog..
then Persis arrived at my house...and we went out again to bai nian.

had dinner at home...and watched tv.
got ready for bed....and talked and updated each other with all the recent happenings.
and of course......took pictures!! =P

we were also reminiscing about our birthday parties, playschool graduation, sleepovers, fights...etc.
and laughing at our kiddish look back then when we were..."young".

we slept very early! at 12....we were so tired, we turned off the lights and went to sleep.

the next day (wednesday, 17/2/2010)..
we woke up at 9.... had breakfast, then we went out to go hang gai again.
came home for lunch...
played Wii all afternoon!!

till 5.30pm.... then Ben came to fetch Pam and Persis to go home...

had SO much fun with them.


CNY 2010...

haven't been able to online for the past few days!
anyway, this year, Chinese New Year was awesome!

on the first day, went to church, then went out to bai nian.
and in the afternoon many people came to our house.
we were so busy getting drinks and cooking nian gao for the guest.
more than 50 people came..... nice to see our living room full once in a while. hehe.

one the second and third and so forth of CNY.....
went to visit friends... went out shopping...
and collected lots of ang pao. =)

the best CNY so far.

Friday, February 12, 2010

tiger woohoo!...

on Wednesday, our cell group went for an outting.
to watch a movie.. TIGER WOO HOO!
hehee..such a nice movie. very funny and also touching.
the best Malaysian made movie ever. seriously.
after the movie, we all went to Old Town for supper. great time laughing with them.

today was the last day of school before our one week break for CNY.
the first thing i got was this card from Noah. sweet.

then during mentoring group time, i brought my group down to have a junk food picnik.
=X pringles, cheezos, twisties, popcorn, double decker, marshmallows, cupcakes...and jus tea.

after eating our "breakfast"....i played some games with them.
then it was back to class.
we made Valentine's Day cards today...

the rest of the day was as usual...
staff meeting.
got a soft toy from my "angel"... =D

hmmm......watched Psych and Monk at night.

tired out!
going to sleep now.

cant wait for next week!
sleepover... CNY.... ang paos... nian gao!!!