Monday, March 31, 2008

Fading Rainbow

Today as i was driving..i saw a rainbow; it made me think of what they signify.

Rainbows signify promises...... and sooner or later, they (rainbows) will fade away. Just like human-made promises. People break them.....people aren't always dependable to keep ALL their promises. Only one person can do that...God. He keeps every single promise He makes... We should learn from this. Keep every promise you make...if you want others to do the same.
Think about it...........think about the fading rainbow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

two-faced people

the kind of ppl i hate the most in this world is those two-faced people!! in front of me you treat me so if you're really my best friend. mana tahu....behind my back....speak those fasl accusations about me! why dont u just say it to my face la! don dare isnt it!! and of all the people...i never thought it would be YOU!!!!!!! have changed so much because you followed those other girls....those backstabbers. and you have become one of them too! haizzzz....