Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sports Day!!


yesterday was ASAA's Sports Day!
this time..i was a teacher and it was a totally different experience than if you are a student and participating. as a teacher.....need to make sure everything is organized, the students are present, etc.
i had so much fun though.
we spent about 6 hours in the field!! yes we all got darker and sunburn. =s
once came home....i took a freezing cold shower and rested. slept from 4 in the afternoon till this morning!! lol.
here are some pics....
enjoy. =)
i am one of the teachers of red of course must post Red Flag. hee... =D
runners...waiting for events to start.
still got time to pose for pics.
pic by Kaang..

* legs. lol*
*blue team won... =S*
some shots of the winners....
Best Banner.Red.Yellow
Tug of War.Blue
Sports Day Champion.GREEN TEAM!

Thursday, February 26, 2009



just got home.
hmm..had a nice day today. full of laughs.
Kelvin was so so funny today. he kept playing with his paper's like a puppet you see. so he talks to us with it. =.=
of course....full of stress also. the Joshua Tan...aiyo. keep crying and shouting all day....even tried to beat his sister! till i had to go stand in between them....and nearly kena hit lagi! sigh.
well...good news is our little Jaena is back! remember last time she was supposed to be leaving? clickhere well...she's back again. lol.
hmmm...i finished reading Eclipse liao. waiting for breaking dawn from elissa or nat. whoever gives it to me earlier la! =D kekekekkk..
going to prac tonight.. rach....alamak. you cant go!!! =(
i have to exercise!!!!! arrghh.... no more chocs! no more chocs!! just one more...pleasE?

sarah just ate ice cream... so much for the exercise!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank goodness for chocolate!

note to all: if you ever want to give me food....please...chocolate! ok? =)
ahhh.. chocolate makes me world go round.
no la..not really. haha.... i just love it.
thanks Hao for the whole bag of chocs. =)
they made my day...really.
today was so stressfull and tiring.
i was so bad mood lor..
once got home....i was gobbling down the chocs in seconds!!
now...i am more calm liao.
chocolate is my drug....
i better keep a stash in my room for emergencies like today.
. wasnt ALL that bad. KY came to school...had such fun to catch up with her again.
sigh.. and we planned an outing for the 6 of us.
bowling and hopefully pulau.
i just want to go out with you guys again.. missed you guys alot since last year!!
sarah is still eating chocolates....

I am Switzerland

Yes...i am Switzerland.
The neutral land...
Neither taking one side...nor the other.
Get it?
So if you fight...please dont ask me to take sides, because i wont.
I love you both.....and i cant say who is wrong...
I am Switzerland.
Remember that k?

sarah is stressed out. grrr....

Sunday, February 22, 2009


yep.... went out today. hee... Ze Kuan came to KK so we brought him out to yam cha lorr..
first, went to Times Book Store cuz Nat wanted to buy books. then,....went to Sushi King because someone was hungry.. =P in the end i ate the most. LOL
1st time i got so angry at Sushi King. because they keep making our order wrong....and took so so long just to make one California roll!! grrrrrrrr..........
after that....went to Starbucks... and of course...we were SO noisy and kept taking pics and were crazy. everyone keep looking at us because we were LOUD!!
we didnt care. kekekkekk...
and as usual....we were on the lookout for liang zais. hahaha. saw one...nat's halfcousin. =S HANDSOME O!!!!!!!!! lol. sarah bahh..control bahh. ish.
here is onli like 5% of the pics we took. =S too too many...cant upload all.
Kuan is so comical. =.=
us. lol....see rach's eyes.. hahahhaha.. so po. =P
and this is our alien friend... =)
me and darling.... =D
drinking our coffee and eating cheesecake.... hee!
.after Starbucks...we went to walk around in Warisan lorr..
went to D&M.. nat bought bag.... =P
had so much fun. kekekk.. next outing: JT come back frm KL. lol

sarah is going to read eclipse now.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

i believe in angels...

yesterday little Isaac suddenly said to me,
"Teacher, mom said that i have an angel on my back."
at first....i was kinda blur at why he suddenly said that.
i just smiled at him....cuz he's so cute!!
and patted his tiny little head and said,
"Yes... we all have guardian angels protecting us all the time... k?"
little kids are so naive and adorable...
they tend to say some things that actually....really makes sense.

Friday, February 20, 2009


hmmm.....normal day.
today for PE, we brought the kids to the playground. so fun! =D
helping them climb the monkey bars...had to carry them across. =.=
then played slide with them too... weeee...
then climb on the...what's it called? the jungle climbing thingie??
all of them had so much fun...except little Isaac Lee. He said he doesnt like playgrounds!!
my goodness...which kid does not like playgrounds???!?!?!??!
sigh sigh sigh
kids these days...

Smart vs Sexy quote..

"I'm smart enough to know you just insulted me....
...and sexy enough not to care."
The Nanny

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

another day


tired oh.

the kids at school really tire me out! they are just so so active.

i fell asleep again in the library today. couldnt help it.

decided not to apply for job at starbucks liao....i wont be much help because i'll be so sleepy and will probably make all the coffee wrongly. haha

nervous about tomorrow...

hmmm... i wana eat kissables.

need to save money

yes i random.

oh wells....good night y'all. sarah's going to bed. she needs her beauty sleep for tomorrow. =D fingers' crossed....


Sunday, February 15, 2009


tagged by darling rach again... haha. =P

Rules:It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.Have fun!

1. What is your name? Sarah =)

2. A four letter word: soup. lol

3. A boy's name: Sam

4. A girl's name: Samantha

5. An occupation: surgeon

6. A color: salmon... kekek. yes it's a color!!

7. Something you wear: shorts

8. A food: spaghetti!!

9. Something found in the bathroom: shampoo

10.A place: school. =S

11. A reason for being late: son threw up in the car... =D

12. Something you shout: SHUT UP!

13. A movie title: Sky High. haha...

14. Something you drink: Sprite.....ahh refreshing.

15. A musical group: Simple Plan.

16. A street name: Second Street.. most common street name in America. 10,866 streets names second street. =P

17. A type of car: SUZUKI! haha...

18. A song title: Shut up and drive

19. A verb: swim

tagging everyone... cant think of names right now.

sarah is tired...going to rest

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
spent the afternoon watching Wild Child with darling Lui, and baking cookies...and cookin pasta for dinner. Rach....we missed you! get well soon

our cookies..... hearts and alphabets. =D

L is for Lui... =)

all iced and rdy for eating.. kekekekke....


thank you.

sarah is going to sleep..

Friday, February 13, 2009

this is why i love my job....

yep... it's because of these little ones here..
my mentoring group. just missing little Indiana...she's sick.
arent they just adorable!

sure it's great being a teacher...but the worst part is, you have to say goodbye to your precious students. today was the last day of school for Jaena.. She's moving to Indonesia. =(
i played some games with the bunch for about two hours.
*tiring, trust me!*
here's some pics... enjoy.
Marcus... handsome dude. =P we were playing hide and seek.

my three boys...
Marcus, Isaac, Kelvin
love 'em!!
hehe... the future 'samsengs' of ASAA? *note the raised*
i think little Isaac is too innocent to be a bad boy.
Kelvin on the other hand.... born to be a tai go that one.
now... the girls.
Daphne, You No, Jaena, Ketrien..

all of them... so photogenic. and CUTE!

hehe.... now you see why i love my job?



cutie fav! pinch!!!

OK! fun's over..time to go back to class... =S


sarah just got back from watching Pink Panther2. hillarious.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


isnt this the cutest piece of bread ever...???
"too cute to eat..." eric said.
so.....did i eat or not?
of course NOT la.....

it looks like bread.... feels like bread...even smells like bread...but it isnt. lol. never expires too!!
how can this be!! may say... that's what i said too. haha....
but doesnt expire.
dont get it?? click here to see more. =P

Torto is the name.... haha. my new 'pet'....

love it..... love the smell too. makes me hungry!!
hehe..... xoxo. thanks jack.

sarah cant wait till Valentine's day...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine??

7 days to Valentine's.... =)
have you got a date?
hehe....i know i do. The Darlings are going out for a V-day date looking forward to it. hehe.... without them, i dont know how i would go through life. they always cheer me up and make me laugh.....when im sad, they will be there for me.. love you darlings!!

darling rach.... yes, she is very crazy. =P that's why i love her.. kekekkek... we just can get along so so well, and we have alot of same opinion on many things. she's there for me, i wil be there for her too. you darling...will you be my Valentine, rach? please? =D

Nat.... she is my comfort... she has seen me cry so many times. she probably thinks me as a baby stil, eventhough im older!! haha... but she will always make sure that i am ok and not sad....and she is always on my side... hehe. love you! will you be my Valentine?? =P

Lui.... such a sweet girl. so mature for her you believe she is only 14? i still cant.. haha. as i said, she is mature for her age....she knows what is right. she has a great attitude in life. love her so much.....she is so fun to be with. and is a shoulder for me to lean on. will you be my Valentine? =) muackx... .



sarah loves her darlings...

Friday, February 6, 2009

pictures..finally got them

just a small percentage of SS-ing that was done... =P
for more, see darlingsdayout
hehe....miss you darlings.... rach nat lui.

sarah is planning to exercise...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009




sarah will not be bored any longer..

tagged.. darling.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

  1. ...loves the color pink.
  2. ...cant live without chocolate! milk and white are her fav., no nuts or fruits.
  3. ...takes half an hour to get ready for work each morning.
  4. easily annoyed.
  5. not easily annoyed by cute people especially kids...somehow.
  6. ...which makes her impartial too. =D
  7. ...reads before bed each night....almost
  8. ...wants to live in a big house always. =)
  9. ...can have severe mood swings; happy one second then angry the next.
  10. ...likes to eat sushi, and crab!
  11. ...thinks that 25 is too long of a list... =S
  12. ...doesn't go anywhere without her handphone.
  13. ...cries when she's happy, sad, angry, anything! even when others cry, she also cries too. =.= weird girl. =P
  14. ...gets bored easily, yet can just sit down and do nothing for hours when she's not bored....told you she's weird.
  15. terrified of lizards!
  16. a neat person.....sometimes! =P messy most of the time.
  17. ...hopes she will never have to go for an operation. brrr....the thought scares her.
  18. very undecisive yet gets angry when others are undecisive. =.=
  19. getting very hungry from doing this
  20. ...her goal is to earn money and be rich, because when food prices go up, her family wont starve! =D
  21. ...cant wait till the next Twilight movie comess out. =D hehe.....
  22. missing her darlings right now.
  23. ...puts on the left shoe then the right....for no real reason.
  24. ...likes to doodle
  25. ...chews her fingernails when she's nervous or thinking real hard. bad habit.

Sarah is tagging: Nat, XW, Kuan, and Rach (tag u back cuz it says so up there. kekeke...) =P