Thursday, September 9, 2010

so much KL, so little time..

today, went out with Tim, Victor and Darren.

they brought me to Sungei Wang, Lot10 and Berjaya Times Square

well well..first stop was to eat la of course! 
for the first time,...i ate a pork burger. 
oh goodness it was awesome!! 
MUST MUST try.... 

i basically just tagged along with them.
today, the GUYS did the shopping not me. 
i did not have anything to followed them. 
we went to many many TOY shops. hehe... 
they bought...alot of toys. 
let's just say the amount they bought, can buy...hmmm....3 or 4 pairs of shoes. 

other than buying toys and eating.. what else did we do?
watch those crazy people riding the indoor roller coaster la of course. 
quite scary just standing underneath and watching the roller coaster zoom past over my head. =S 

it was raining very hard in KL by 3pm.... 
decided to go back to Lot10 to makan cendol. yumm yummm.... 
then back to Tim and Darren's house.
we all took short nap. haha... hunting for toys is no easy task ok.
we were all knocked out.

Sam arrived and we went out to a pasar Ramadan to buy FOOD.
yes, it was time to eat...again!!! XD 
brought the food back home. 
what a feast hor!
we had, chicken n beef satay, legor, lemang, martabak, chicken, and the dessert was a kuih-something...(forgot the name dy. =X) 
haha...we managed to sapu almost everything laa.. 
we were all so FULL! 

after dinner....Julian joined us. and picked up Grace.
went to the Curve to watch movie.

now, back home....

time for bed!! 
phew....... i have had a taste of KL all right. =D
and it tastes delicious.. hahahaha. 
had tons of fun today. lots of laughs and of course, great food. 

thanks for bringing me out, guys..


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