Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dinner at Nagisa.

last night, ASAA staff had a farwell/welcome dinner. =)
farewell for Mdm Salinah and I...and welcoming all the new staff.
we went to Nagisa, Hyatt Hotel.
the food was nice!
we had a very good time....full of laughter as usual.
also had speech time. haha...
will miss the staff team so much when I go.

ASAA Staff.....

VLC supervisors... enjoyed working with them so much.

with mom... =)

and finally, my teachers.....and now collegues. =D
Cikgu Donald - BM, Seajarah, Moral teacher.
Mdm Lily- supervisor while i was in DLC.
Mdm Soo - Supervisor... funny n outgoing teacher!
Cikgu Ivy - Form5 BM teacher... she rocks!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MERC field trip..

Yesterday, we brought the kids on a field trip.
we went to the Marine Ecology Research Center on Gayana island.

it was a really fun experience. 
learnt about the corals, and giant clams that the research center is breeding 
and putting back into the ocean.
they showed us their display room with different fish,
eels, corals, clams,...

then we even got to play with starfish and sea cucumbers! 
haha.... fun hor. =P

this...is a BIG seacucumber!

the kids even got the chance to plant corals.... 

after that, had a light snack then they brought us to the other side of the island 
to see the huge groupers...super big fish!

then back to Jesselton point....and back home!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Andrew turns 16...

today is Andrew's birthday!!..... 
he's 16 this year. 0.o

big boy lorrr.. hehee.... 


will definitely miss you very much... =)
just realized no one is gonna annoy me.....
or sing random songs to me.... 
awwwww......and i know you'll miss me. no one to send you to tuition. XP
love ya tons, little brother. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

good morning!

ahh....... Good Morning, people! =)
slept so well last night. feel so awake now.

today, lots of people are having exams....
ASAA is having their BM exam..
and Muk Tuk is having his finals..

will be praying for you guys to do well!

well, i'm off to work now. hehe..

p.s. RACH......i miss you. lol. will reply your mail later when i get home.

16 days..

She's coming back in 16 days......!!!

i miss her so so much...

cant wait to hang out, shop, sleepover, EAT, talk, LAUGH..........