Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Day! outting.

woke up at about 9 this morning...

bro called me down for breakfast.
i think the only times we eat breakfast is on holidays like this. haha..

mom made waffles. yumms!

then we went up to Menggatal...picked popo..
and drove up to Kokol Mountain..

on the way, stopped by popo's san ba.
many fruit trees are grown there.
banana, mangoteen, etc.

finally reached the prayer retreat center!!
my first time going up there.
you can see Mount Kinabalu from the site. the background. haha.
Pap brought us to tour the building...
the rooms.. the kitchen.... 
so nice.

on the roof....
still about three stories to go.

drove back down to Menggatal.
went to a kopi tiam to eat the buns and curry puffs.
so yummy! cuz i was so hungry...

sent popo home...
the went home.

baby zamira. 
her eyes are gorgeous! and her eyelashes are longer than mine.

from our fruit trees!!
wow... huge....what is the name liao??
oh memory is so bad!
cempedak? jack fruit...?? lol.
or are they the same thing? =X

that's all for NOW.

later going out with Roy...
you will see where and why. 

cant wait...i wana hug his cute puppy!!!!!

mini party and card games...again.


so happy that lui could come to service. =)
waiting for kuan to send us home.... so we took pics.
she just cut her hair....

came home..
cooked pasta for myself.
then watched CSI as usual. =P

sent bro down to church for Holympics.
then slept.... Zzzz....

roy picked andrew and i up at about 6pm.
we went with him to buy food for the party.

wow...i tell you...our route was insane.

first, went to order wo tie and fried noodles from the forgot-the-name place. 
(last time was cottage there la.)

then....we went to damai to Sweet Daily to buy brownies...
ahh!! forgot it is closed on Sundays. grrr..

so went to Mr. Bread to buy swiss rolls.
then to Marks bakery to pick up the cake. 

refueled the car.

drove to Sadong to order 15 Ramli burgers.... yumms.
then drove to collect the wo tie. 

drove back to Sadong again to collect the burgers.
stopped by to the shop behind Cathay to get satay..
but they weren't open yet. =(

went to Tong Hing... wanted to buy ice cream.
didnt buy ice cream... bought pineapple tarts instead tho.

finally headed back to Kingfisher....
stopped by Giant to buy drinks.

roy's sunnies.

party starts at 8...
so we just hung out and waited.

puppy rex! so adorable.... 
birthday cake.
"Junk Food party!!"

it truly was... haha. drinks..wo tie..
noodles... donuts!!

we also had some healthy food la.
like..bananas...and honeydew...and tea!

after we ate our fill.......
we sat down and talked for a digest!

then we played our favorite game. haha..
never played a card game that involves gu ji bak? =P

the next game is.... dont know what name liao.
5 card game.... it's like gambling....but with drinks.

and this is what happens when you lose.
we drank total of two bottles of fizzy drink...and two bottles of water.
total 6 liters!!....only. =X
raise it!! the rim.
hahaha... i know y'all dont get it.

loved playing with them.
so funny....

but all good things come to an end... sadly. =(

so dave and sam sent us home.

reached home at 12.15am.


aug 29... The Slave Princess.

The Slave Princess Ballet.

saturday night... it was the big show. 

we reached yayasan... had briefing then early dinner.
then we had to go for hair and make-up.

about 5 make-up artists came to help us do our make up.

before the show.
very took pics.

Yam & Gonzales.
yes, rach...gonzles. your fav name!
adam and i....
my partner. he is from S.I....
after the show.... we took pics again.
not going to upload much here. too lazy...

the Princess.
she's so pretty!!
group photo.
not all of the cast is here tho....some went to change liao.

i had SO MUCH fun doing this show.
i have never experienced a real show like this before.
it was so cool just being a small part of this production.... 


Friday, August 28, 2009

what a day..

i'm back, people!!

after....what seems like an eternity of not going online...

just finished the first show.
tomorrow is the last show!


so tired out from all the practices. 

yesterday, we had a full dress rehearsal.
rehearsal also need to put on full make up.

i tell you, i have never met a guy who knows more about make up than me. 

i guess it's cuz they're professional dancers so they get used to putting on stage make up.

Yam... he is the bad Prince. 
funny guy.
40++ liao.... yet stil can dance so so well! 
him...without make up.

today... we practiced since 11am.
then we had to go get ready for the show at 2pm..

this is me.. 
before make up.
in the changing room....
after make up...
not enough they said. oh gosh....

the show went well!!

during intermission...
the stage background fell down!
we were all screaming and running around and some dancers got hit by it when it fell.
oh goshh.... 

got home. 
terus take off all the make up!!

ahh... natural is simply the best. 

tomorrow have to be at Yayasan by 1pm.
till 10pm!!
10 hours... great. =X

that's all.
going to sleep now!!
will only update again on sunday maybe. 

rach...i miss you.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this week's hectic schedule... & my worst enemy!

me and my little honey after school yesterday..

just came home from a long practice..
tomorrow onwards it will be 6 hours a day!
=S oh goodness.....

saturday is the big performance. 
cant wait.
excited... =D
so many hours of practice...just for a few minutes on stage. =.=

the moment i got into the car after practice...
andrew showed me this snake!!
i thought it was fake..then he said it was real!!
i screamed!!!!!

oh my gosh.....
but it was dead's a real snake!

i hate snakes...lizards....spiders.... =X

ughh.. disgusting!

Sarah and snakes cannot live together!!

that's all for now.

planning for next week...
wah sai.....busy busy.

not going to online for the next few days de lorr... =(


Sunday, August 23, 2009

sunday- blessings...and card games!

it's sunday once again.

i was so looking forward to this sunday.
 missed you oh, lui!

we went to Houng Kee @ Damai for lunch.
with dave, tony and pastor eric.. moses joined us later on too.

truly this was Blessings Day!!
i was blessed by two angels. =D
i only had rm20 in my wallet you see..
and i gave some for offering...
so i was worrying HOW am i going to eat lunch??
i prayed "'d better bless me or else i'll starve."
seriously i prayed that! lol..

but..God is Faithful! happy.
tony belanja us for lunch! thanks so much... =)
and moses bought yoyo for us again. haha...

in the car... bought yoyo already.
so we sent rach home.

after sending rach home...
we went to church to pick up dave and hao.
then went back to my wait till 3pm..
cuz they were going to play football.

so we just rested 
and chatted 
and played games.

sleepy hippie.

taught moses how to play Scum-of the -earth.
from vice scum...i climbed up to govenor,
then vice president..
then the final game..i was president!!
woohooo.. =P
girls rule.

fun filled afternoon..
full of laughs...
and blessings.

rested a while after they left....

woke up at 6pm...
had to get ready to go out for dinner. 

ECA- muffin day.

we had our last ECA for the term.

it was the best..
most organized..
and most enjoyed by the kids..
plus they were MOST well behaved.

we made muffins...


putting into the cups......
was the messiest time. 

first batch was out...
we baked 200++ muffins!!!! tiring!
oh gosh...
the kids didnt even wait for the icing to be made.
just grabbed and ate!! =S

200++ muffins...GONE in a blink.

i'm glad that they enjoyed it.
i had so much fun too..
the best ECA yet. =)

one of my students, after ECA... said::

"I like you oh, miss sarah..."
sarah's heart melts...... touched. hehe... 
must be because the muffins too nice. =P