Sunday, November 30, 2008

sunday sunday...


i just got home..

today church service was good. i danced today....very glad that the worship went well. vry proud of my dancers, especially the kids, for dancing so well and remembering the patterns.
after church i went to city mall with nat for lunch n gai gai.. we walked around, and went to shop for shoes and dresses... =P didnt buy anyth la..jus WINDOW shop. haha. must control bah. and we bought necklaces, with our names de! and we went into Body Shop and Elianto to try on the makeups and i painted my nails a few colors to try. and i bought a blue nail polish. lol

so so tired..... tonight going out for movie with my bros and mom. hmmmm........

Thursday, November 27, 2008


AAAhhhhh...... breathing a breath of relief!

SPM is finally over for me, for us!! yay!!!!

today was our last n final paper, EST! it was very easy actually... Only 3 of our SPM gang took the me, Bryan, n Kah Yee went together..... found our class n sat down nest to each other. first one was objective paper... n after that bryan took me n kah yee to Lintas to eat lunch. haha.. When me and kah yee walked into the shop ( Jia Siang Sen Rou), this table full of men (!! not boys.. lol.) looked at me n kah yee (muahhaa...we know we're hot!), they were like giving us the "hey ladies...look at us. we're cool.." i didnt give them a second look..smokers!! ugghh. then....when bryan finally walk in and sat down beside us (he was parking the car before tht), the guys at the table that were looking at us were a bit yeah...brayn is a ladies man (well...sorta. he had no choice but to go out with the both of us. =S poor guy...stuck with the two chatterbox girls...who keep talking and always make him late) ! lol.

after lunch, went to take second paper....only 3 questions, man!! how easy is that? haha... i wrote a very long essay hand was so so tired. lol.

anyways, had a great day..... glad that SPM is finally over. can relax... yeah!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tuesday's thoughts..


it was an uneventful day for me. i stayed home *i so guai lerr.. =P* and studied my Eng Lit because im sitting for the English and Literature paper tomorrow! Very few people take this subject and it is quiet hard to get an A. =S
after eating breakfast mmmm mmmm...french toast! i started studying lorr.. i read through FOUR books in one day!! wow... my eyes were so tired. so i guess i can relax for a bit and watch tv tonight. =D hehe..
well....after dinner i had some ice cream. half hour of exercise today is wasted. all wasted!!! =D i love ice cream!

hmmm... starting to put together a shopping list for X-mas pressies i love shopping =)
noted down what i wanted to get for my friends and family.... =X shh......

got to start the shopping, man!! next week going to Labuan to buy.....what else?CHOCOLATE! i absolutely LOVE chocolate! hehe....

anyways, kinda bored now. waiting till 9pm...because im going to watch my fav show:: 90210. =P

Friday, November 21, 2008

let's play 20 questions..

Rules: Put your music player on shuffle. Answer each question using the first song lyrics only.
Put the song you got the lyrics from in parantheses so we know!

1. When you met the person you now love, what happened?: "i lie awake at night, see things in black and know you have made me blind." awwww... <3

2. What did you say when you first woke up?: "tell me how am i supposed to breath with no air??" =S haha..

3. What are your religious beliefs?: "i wake up feeling like my life's worth living.." hmmm...true. true.

4. Did you realize anything today?: "we're in doors, i get a smile from a fly boy..." lol

5. What do you need right now?: "There was a time i packed my dreams in a shell hiding from myself." what???

6. What's your favorite food?: "ohh ohh yeah..! if the heart is always searching, can you ever find a hope?" haha...yummy? lol

7. How are you feeling today?: "Early in the morning, i put breakfast at your table..."

8. What do you want to do today?: "I'm staring out into the night. Trying to hide the pain..." =S

9. What do you think people will say at your funeral?: "alala alala oh... im obsessive.." LOL!!

10. What is your biggest fear?: "it's been the longest winter without you..i didnt know where to turn to."

11. What are you thinking of right now?: "ohh... ooohhh.. ohhh... no matter what you say about love, i keep coming back for more.."

12. What's your favorite color?: "i cant get it back, but i dont want it back. i realize that, she dont know how to act..." tht's a color?? haha..

13. Are you up-to-date with things?: "do de cheh ai su ge oh sum.. num cha cu neh a nuhh.." gee..i dont know what is this. korean song. haha

14. Describe your looks to us: "wei se me ai shang ni de ren shi wo??" love this song!! arrrggh.. (eng:why am i the one to fall in love with you?) btw...answer to ur question,i am beautiful!!! =P

15. If I left, what would you do?: "two oclock and i wish that i was sleeping. you're in my head like a song on the radio. all i know is i gotta get next to you.." =)

16. What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?: "i do..i do..i do...cherish you. all i am, all i'll be. everyth in this world, all that i'll ever need.."

17. When someone yells at you, what do you say?: "ni hui bu hui yen shang wo??" =X gee..

18. What question do you want to ask someone?: "music.. music!! turn on that radio as loud as it can go. i wana dance until my feet cant feel the ground."

19. What do you think of people?: "i work all night, i work all day, to pay the bills i have to pay. aint it sad?" LOL

20. What do you just want to get off your chest right now?: "trying to decide, trying to decide, if i really want to go out tonight..." hahaha... i do i do!

Sam, Adele, Kuan, KL.... guys, you're tagged.

ahh.. refreshing!

i was so bored today. i woke up quite about 11.40am. i normally dont wake up so late even during the holidays. hmm...guess i had a late night last night.

well....i jus terus went downstairs to get a drink....then i just sat in the kitchen......watching tv.......too lazy to move to any other part of my house.......and just wait.................................and wait.............................................finally..kakak came down... "what do you want to eat?"

aha!!! the question i was waiting for. haha. last few days of the holidays i have made lunch for myself...baked rice, noodles, and whatever i feel lik eating. but today i was just too lazy. so after i eat lunch...i decided i want to relax and do homemade facial!! muahahah..

so..i got an egg, and some honey. (yummy..honey!!) i only used the egg white. mix the egg white together with the honey.... i is kinda disgusting. then i took a brush and apply it to my face.. my first reaction was, hmmm.....not really nice smell. yukks. who likes the smell of raw eggs??? =S

but it was really nice and cooling.. so i wait 20 minutes then washed it off with warm water. had to wash a few times because i didnt want any honey left on my face....i dont want to be a snack for ants!!

mmmm... my face felt so nice and soft and smooth. lol. really...eventhough it was a bit yukkie and very very sticky, it was nice! very relaxing lorr.. way more fun than those facials in packets! haha..

very fun and refreshing.. when im bored at home during the holidays, if i am not out with friends, or eating or sleeping or watching tv, i will be baking cookies, making cakes, and doing facials!!! haha.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


sigh. i am so bored.

i am half way studying my nilai-nilai for my Moral paper this afternoon. so lazy to sudy them oh!! got so many..need to memorize the kata kunci lagi. but it is easy to memorize's just that my eyes keep closing. =S feel so sleepy. just want to sleep! Zzzz....

yesterday, we sat for Science and Bible Knowledge papers... during our lunch break, one of my friends said "wah..after SPM then we cant see each other lo??" the whole car was silent....(not normal for us to be silent in the car. we always play around and sing along to music together).....we all were thinking how sad it will be not to see each other everyday liao. our SPM gang has really get along well with each other. and i had lots of fun with them. but now...coming to the last few papers of we wont see each other anymore!! ='(

so we made plans for a huge party after all our SPM papers finish.. and we planned an island trip together... and also we planned two dinners...steamboat and one seafood dinner. haha!!

i will surely miss my SPM friends so so much. we have really bonded well with each other. When the 6 of us are is never quiet!..never boring..

we have been through so much together... studying (yeah right!), scolding (by Mdm. Sue. haha), eating (realy alot of eating!! dont know how many thousands of RM we spent on eating), argueing with each other about silly stuffs, playing (we love to play at arcades and play in our study room), shopping (one borneo, merdeka, warisan, and alot of random places. haha), and talking (our favorite thing to about our family, persons we dont like, our future..).

i will miss you all so so much!!!!!! xoxo

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 down...6 more to go!

what a day!!
today me n my friends sat for our English1,2 and sejarah2 papers..
English was very easy.... and we finished both papers by 11.30am.. so since the sejarah2 only started at 2pm...we all drove to 1borneo for lunch!!
haha.. guess what we ate?? NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!! we ordered the giant yankee burger...all 6 of us couldnt even finish it o!
after that we walked around and played games at the arcade. then we finally made our way back to SM Likas. we arrive at 2.06pm!! arrr..late late late!! we ran to the exam room. phew.... sat down and stared blankly at our papers.
most of my sejarah2 paper was empty. i jus wrote some words into it... hopefully can get 1 or 2 marks by doing that. haha...
so that's it... we have completed 3 subjects (BM, BI, Sej)

got to study hard tonight. tomorrow's subject is math! both papers in one day...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SPM...only the begining.

Today was my first day of SPM!

the 6 of us from ASAA all gathered at school at 7.30am and went to SMK Likas where we were sitting for the exam. Luckily Cikgu Ivy accompanied us so we didnt feel so nervous. She helped us find our room and told us what to do. Then she stayed a while after the exam started and watched us. a mom!

Our first paper was BM1! karangan lorr.. one was about pencemaran sungai =S and the other i choose was about my dream place to live. haha... it was ok la. easier than we had expected!
once we all had finished we went to Lido to have breakfast. yumm yumm...

now we have energy to take....sejarah!!!! alamak! we all jus tembak only.. not more than half an hour later, we all walked out of the exam room. lol. kesian cikgu donald eh.
then we drove to damai to drink Yoyo... we were so relaxed! if cikgu ivy was there she probably would have fainted because we didnt even bother to revise our BM novels while we had spare time. then we even drove all the way to Alam Mesra and drove round and then went to drive round Kingfisher to see the nice big houses.

Finally went back to SMK Likas to sit for BM2.
finished that paper in one and a half hours. it was very very easy lor!

i am quite confident that i will pass my BM...but sejarah... hmmmm.....dont need to see de lar. lol

thank you, God for such a good day.
hope tomorrow the papers wil be easier! haha.. english tomorrow.

Friday, November 7, 2008


i just chat on MSN with one of my lifelong (i really mean LIFELONG...we've known each other since we were 3years old!! believe it cuz it's true...) friends. she is one of my three childhood friends....
When i lived in Tawau (a small town somewhere in hometown!!)...she and I were such best friends...duh! since 3yrs old man!
we always went to each others house to play.. we went to the same kindergarden, primary school (until i started homeschooling), church, children cell, youth cell.....
haha.. it is so funny to remember all those fights that we had. all of them were about silly things. all those times we said "i dont friend you liao!!" and stomping our feet and walking away in a huff. hahahhah!! good ol times, eh?
i have missed them so much! Sure i really love my life in KK...but when i meet up with them again after a long i miss it so much!
i cant wait to go back to Tawau and meet up with them! finally can let loose...haha. after SPM ma..... =P

some friends you meet along life.....they're there for short while then their gone. but u'll always remember them. some friends...childhood may go your separate ways eventually..but when you do meet up after a few's like you were never separated!

wow..imagine how time flies eh? we knew each other since babies...then went to school.. then now we can drive!!! haha.. cant wait to see them.. we're all grown up. time to catch up on each other's lives....boys,skul,church,boys,jobs,college,erm..did i mention boys? hahahha.. =P

us two years ago.. times to take some updated pics eh!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

victory and tragedy..all in one night!

I've only just got home. much happened tonight. it's too much for me to handle!

Just now our school's basketball team won their third game in the Spritzer Cup competition! it was so exciting... alot of ASAA students and teachers went to support them! they won they won they won!!!! the score was about....47-22 or something like that. i forgot liao. anyways...the they won@ that's what matters! haha.. we were all so so happy for them. now they can go into the quater finals! good job, guys!!

but who knew!.... right after the game... when we got into the car, mom told us that she had to go pick up one of her cell members. because she had just gotten robbed! so we drove to the police station.. and Aunty P. was there....she told us that after she bought some things from Tong Hing....she got into her car. Mana tahu....two big men follow her and came in and started to strangle her! She could hardly scream so she kept pressing her horn but no one came to her rescue! she keep calling out to Jesus.. and finally and luckily....the man that was holding her let go for a while and she took that second to jump out of the car... they left her there and drove her white Harrier!!
when she was on the ground..then only those 3 8 people come ask her is she ok and what happen! alah!!! why you dont save her when she is being robbed o!! slaping my head.....
anyways...we followed her and the police to the 'crime scene'... they had to take photo and see if got any evidence. lol. it felt like CSI!!! hahahha... so interesting and exciting for me.
then we drove the aunty home...and pei her for a while because she was very traumatized and scared.....

wow...i never thought things like this happen in KK... i've only seen people be strangle in their car in movies. Thank God that He kept Aunty P. safe!
we must all be careful... dont think that small city dont have danger. especially girls and if alone! must always be on your guard and be alert. above all....always stay calm and pray. If something happen....think clearly what to do. Like Aunty P...she think carefully and waited for the right opportunity to jump out of the car. Thank God!
all the adrenaline from tonight'e events is gonna make me not able to sleep tonight. lol. has just become so much more intersting, exciting, and dangerous to me all in one night!

God please keep all of my family and friends safe...that nothing like this wil ever happen. especially sam in KL.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

we were belanja by jack wong...

on thursday...jack wong took me, jia ling, n fee out to dinner. (he had promised to take us out since last time...) we went to Upperstar... had a yummy dinner while plying on9 g ames together! haha...
after tht....we decided to go to Kk Times Square, since none of us had ever been before. we went there......"wahhh..." "Ooohh....." "SO nice!!!"... lol! took many pics and even SS in ppl's baby clothes store. =S
i had lots of fun.....
thanks again, jack!