Tuesday, October 21, 2008

spare time for my spare tire


well.....as some of my friends know...(especially those that i sit with during breaktime)...i LOVE to eat!! sweets, chocolate, bread, kuih-muih, ice cream, fried chicken, roast chicken, rice, spaghetti, kueh teow, hot dogs, fried wan ton, sushi.......the list never ends.
so due to my non-stop eating...(i eat breakfast...thn lunch...thn 2 o'clock also eat...then get home from school also eat..then dinner eat...then 8pm when watch tv also eat) haiz....i have grown (lol....more like slowly developed) a spare tire. means my tummy very fat.

i read somewhere that the colors affect your mood and even health. and it said that blue helps you to stop overeating. hmm..i wonder if it's true. i got to start wearing more blue!! haha

so today..i decided that i MUST have a more regular exercise routine. i started today doing pilates and sit ups.... that is to make my tummy nice and flat....
i also do toning by lifting weights.
"girls dont lift weights larrr....." my friend says. but it is important especially for a dancer to have nice arms ehh.. so that's why i do toning. i'm not those heavy weight lifters la bahh! i dont want those big muscles... i'm just making sure that when i dance...i have nice arms. no one wants to see those fat underarms swaying about do they! so not attractive larrr...

sigh. i just finished my exercise and my tummy and back are burning!! this...in exercise..is a good sign. =S

Friday, October 10, 2008


it was my birthday today! i had a great and fabulous day!! first i celebrated with my family...had a dinner and cake.

then...my close friends brought me out to yam cha at tanjung aru. and they surprised me with this huge HUGE "Me To You" bear o!!! i screamed!! so so adorable! i love the bear so much.. also, my dear lui lui gave me this nice pair of shoes too.
thank you all!! i had an absolutely great birthday!!! love you all.... xoxo

Sunday, October 5, 2008

thank you darling...

today i had to dance in 10 o'clock service... but i had hurt my ankle...so it was so painful to dance. but i had to endure la..dis is good training to endure pain! especially if you want to be a performer..if u get hurt on stage you cant just stop. the show must stil go on..so you must learn to jus continue and tahan for a little while. lol.
my darling nat (i have 3.. =P darling R,L, & N) helped me to massage my ankle before i went on stage.. awww..she's so sweet eh? hehe... i felt so pampered by her. and made me feel a bit better. she even bought me toblerone ehh!!! muackx to darling N.. =D
all my darlings and i are going out nx wkend for some fun and crazy time! haha..
love u my darlings...all of u!! xoxo

Saturday, October 4, 2008

ARRGHH!! maggots!

ever tried these exotic sugar coated maggots from Gummyslovakia?
hmm... a little tough to chew. has an interesting sweet taste
then a absolutely sour aftertaste!
very interesting...

hmmm hmmm.. it takes an acquired taste
to appreciate these colorful maggots.
Sarah still prefers Gummy Bears. =D

Gummy Crazy!!

*note to all:
Sarah Loves Gummy Bears!

Totally loves GUMMIES....!!
(preferably the red ones)
uh oh...where's gummy bear's head??

Sarah wil do anything.....repeat...ANYTHING to get her hands on gummy bears!

"Hello, Mr. Purple-Gummy-Bear."

"Where are your fellow Red-Gummy-Bears!? Tell me! tell me!!!"

I devoured him within seconds....
*Mr. Purple-Gummy-Bear did not suffer a slow death...*

finally recued my gummies!
my precious gummies.... =D

*this post was a outcome of sugar rush..

and saturday afternoon boredom.

cha cha cha

today in ECA, we learnt how to do the cha-cha. it was so fun...my partner was jack. =)
we all danced till we sweat!! so so fun.. thank you, bryan for teaching! hehe...
unfortunately i dont have pics... but Mdm. Soo took video of us la. i'll see if i can get it from her then post it here. =)